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Scavenger Hunts,
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PlayTours makes it easy for anyone to build and run scavenger hunts of any size, anywhere. We will guide you from start to end.

We're perfect for Amazing Races & Self-Guided Tours too!

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Exploring the Streets

All Types of Hunts


Scavenger Hunts

Guide players from point to point and complete tasks. Points can also be set to be free-flow.


Event Engagement

Give missions to event-goers to encourage them to visit booths and participate in activities.


Virtual Events

Create amazing virtual experiences such as escape rooms and city tours.


Amazing Features for Amazing Events

📱 One team, multiple devices

Don't be limited by physical maps and puzzle pieces — players can use separate devices to play the game at the same time.

🔗 Synchronised in real-time

When a player of the same team completes a task, it is shown as completed for everyone.

💬 In-app team chat

Chat among team members via the in-app chat room — no need to switch between game and messaging apps.

📍 Location-based tasks

Create "physical stations" across the map where players have to go before being able to see a task.


The stations can be configured to be hidden from the map too.

✨ Multiple task types

PlayTours support a variety of answer types: text, integers, numbers, QR/barcodes, location and check-in.


You can also accept images and videos and have them verified manually by a facilitator.

📈 Infinitely extensible

Embed anything you can find online — Google documents, 360 virtual walks, crossword & jigsaw puzzles, etc.

⚡ No installs required

No app installs are required. Players just need to open a URL using any modern web browser.

❓ Let players "buy" hints

Players stuck for too long? Let them buy hints with limited credits. Alternatively, drop a hint after a predefined time if they are stuck for too long.

📢 In-app announcements

Our in-app messaging allows you to broadcast important updates to all players instantly. No need for a separate messaging app.


👁 See where teams are

Organizers can access a dashboard that contains a map to see where teams physically are.

🖥️ Centralised dashboard

Access important information, updated in real-time, such as leaderboard position, teams' game progress and many more.

and so much more...

🌈 Flexible Formatting | 🎥 Player Video Submissions | 🎁 Reward Players with Digital Items | 🖼️Customize Task Completion Screen | 🏞️ Customisable Background Image | 🏆 Live Leaderboard | ⚖️ Manually Approve/Reject Answers | 💬 Chat Within or Between Teams | 🚫 Restrict Task Completions to First X Teams | ⏱️ Give Game-wide or Chapter-wide Time Limits | 🎶 Add Background Music

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Our free version supports an unlimited number of players, with 2 devices at any one time. 
It takes less than 10 seconds to sign up.
What are you waiting for?


We want to make scavenger hunt building accessible to all.​

Our clients at every tier will receive premium support that will

assist you from start to end.

We typically charge by the maximum number of concurrent devices required.
For example, if your event has 200 players divided into 25 teams but only have 2 devices per team, then you will only need our 50-devices subscription.

5 devices - USD 10/month | 10 devices - USD 14/month

20 devices - USD 29/month | 50 devices - USD 79/month

More than 50 devices or prefer a per-device pricing? Contact us below.



Send us a message. We reply within 24 hours!

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