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Create Amazing Team Building Experiences

If you're looking to increase team engagement and boost collaboration in your organization, build your experience on PlayTours today!

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Unique Team-building Activities Your Colleagues Will Love!

Scavenger Hunts

Create a fun scavenger hunt. This involves dividing your team into smaller groups and sending them off on different missions around the office or surrounding areas. Set challenges such as taking group photos with funny poses, solving puzzles, and finding hidden items.

Scavenger Hunt

Escape Rooms

Try a virtual escape room. On PlayTours, you can create a personalized escape room, using the “virtual spaces” feature to simulate players moving around a 3D space and allowing them to discover and inspect items.

Eascape Room

Self-guided Tours

Explore new places with your colleagues on a self-guided tour. You can create a custom team field day route with our interactive maps feature, allowing your colleagues to explore new parts of the city together and learn about different areas.

Self-guide tour
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Corporate Team-Building

Luwjistik Company used PlayTours to run an exciting team-building session with only a single facilitator. After playing PlayTours, more than 83% of the participants said that they feel engaged throughout the event and are more likely to chat with their other teammates at work.

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