Self-Guided Tours

Whether you're organizing an educational retreat, planning a corporate team-building trip, or building a tour of a city, our platform puts the power in your hands to create the perfect tour!

PlayTours Self-Guided Tours

Self-Guided Tours With PlayTours

Whether you want to create an interactive digital scavenger hunt, increase visitor engagement, or attract more traffic towards iconic landmarks, PlayTours, a GPS-based scavenger hunt app, has got you covered.

Self-Guided Tours Ideas

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Multi-Modal Experience

Use location check-ins, audio, photos, and videos to create a dynamic tour that showcases the places' unique elements. Our limitless customisability allows you to create a one-of-a-kind experience that fully immerses and engages your visitors.

trivia quiz

Trivia Quizzes

PlayTours have a large library of task types that ensures that visitors of all ages are entertained throughout the experience. There are more than 25 types of tasks that you can use to create the experience you have always wanted to build.

photo and camera

Photo Challenge

Bring visitors together with collaborative photo missions, forging unbreakable bonds through group poses and destination shots. Embed laughter and adventure into your activities with photo challenges that encourage them to share their funniest snaps.


Anywhere, Anytime, Any Size

No matter where your tour are or which timezone they are in, PlayTours, a digital scavenger hunt app, will help to guide them along the trip, behalf of you. Small or large tour group, scattered around the city? PlayTours is a scalable game for every size of the tour group, and it encourages them to get fully interacted with fun activities.

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