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We make scavenger hunts & event gamification accessible to everyone

We believe that any event can be made more engaging with the right solution. We created PlayTours to be a robust, yet cost-effective solution for you.

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Our Values


Clients' Satisfaction

Our utmost priority is the satisfaction of our clients. We want your event to be a success just as much as you do. All clients, whether paying or non-paying, deserves our premium customer service. Every help request sent to our mail will be responded to with clear advice and instructions within 12 hours. 


Clients' Feedback

We take every single feedback and feature request seriously. Many of the robust, amazing features on PlayTours are the result of feedback from our community. As the system improves, every client gets the benefit. We do not segregate features between clients.


Client's Need

We understand that different clients come from different backgrounds, and have different purposes for using PlayTours. You might want to use it as part of a charity event gamification or to create an educational game like scavenger hunts for a school with tight pockets. If you need us to consider different pricing for you, contact us at

How PlayTours is Founded

In 2019, before PlayTours was founded, we wanted to organize our own scavenger hunts but realized that the software options were either too basic or too expensive. Seeing a gap, we spent 3 years building the scavenger hunt app, creating PlayTours - the most robust, yet affordable, team-building games builder. Since then, thousands of events have been built on PlayTours, for small, everyday businesses to large corporations such as Apple, Google, Starbucks, and P&G.

PlayTours' Success







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