Scavenger Hunt

With PlayTours' robust and flexible game builder, you can create all types of outdoor or indoor scavenger hunts. PlayTours' has been used for 1-player games to thousands of players at once.

PlayTours Scavenger Hunt MapPlayTours Scavenger Hunt

A Scavenger Hunt Builder For Everyone

PlayTours is designed for anyone to build and run scavenger hunts at an affordable price. Whether it's for a small or large group, make your game scalable.

PlayTours Scavenger Hunt

For Your Colleagues

Create unique team building experiences for your colleagues at work, with scavenger hunt team missions.

PlayTours Scavenger Hunt

For Your Friends

Either just for fun or special occasions with friends, make it memorable with scavenger game experiences.

PlayTours Scavenger Hunt

For Your Event Attendees

Gamify your events with scavenger hunts for ice-breaking sessions and make your events more lively.

Scavenger Hunts Ideas

Scavenger Hunt

Find hidden items
Find specific landmarks
Follow hidden clues to find hidden location
Solve puzzles that requires observation of the neighbor-hood

Scavenger Hunt

Individual players or groups doing specific poses like jump shots
Making funny faces
Standing near a sign
Take a photo of of a hidden item

Scavenger Hunt

Take a photo of a specific plant species or animal.
Identify plant and animal species by providing descriptions of different species.
Educate on sustainability efforts and being environmentally-friendly.

Field Trip
Scavenger Hunt

Fill-in-the-blanks puzzle based on information boards.
Exhibition items at the museum.
Items with special logos.
Types of animal species at the safari or zoo.
Shops that sell certain food items.

Scavenger Hunt

Use riddles to give players directions.
Use riddles to make players guess the item to find.
Solve a riddle series.
Use items found during the hunt as clues to solve a riddle.

Escape Room
Scavenger Hunt

Add time limits to find a certain item.
Players must find all items or complete all tasks before moving on to another area.
Players must escape from an imaginary trap surrounding an area.

Our Players

Get a glimpse of players enjoying their Scavenger Hunt game to the fullest!

Event pictures using PlayTours app

VC Company Adventure

The Venture Capital wanted an engaging scavenger hunt to bond their employees. They had a great time working together as a team to complete the engaging activities. They were also happy to be able to reduce the cost of team building and make this a more frequent activity.

Event pictures using PlayTours app

"Walk for Wishes" Event

Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana used PlayTours for their "Walk For Wishes" event, where participants complete a fun scavenger hunt throughout Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. They snapped photos, answered trivia questions, and completed booth activities while exploring the zoo.

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