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With PlayTours, a DIY scavenger hunt app, you can create all types of outdoor or indoor scavenger hunts. PlayTours has been used for 1-player games to thousands of players at once.

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A Scavenger Hunt Builder For Everyone

PlayTours is designed for anyone to build and run scavenger hunts at an affordable price. Whether it's for a small or large group, make your game scalable. It' 's a real-life scavenger hunt app that can be used for different purposes.

PlayTours Scavenger Hunt

For Your Colleagues

Create unique team building experiences for your colleagues at work, with scavenger hunt team missions.

PlayTours Scavenger Hunt

For Your Friends

Whether just for fun or special occasions with friends, make it memorable with scavenger hunt game experiences.

PlayTours Scavenger Hunt

For Your Event Attendees

Gamify your events with scavenger hunts for ice-breaking sessions and make your events more lively.

20k+ Players and Counting

Scavenger Hunt App Features


No-installs required

Players simply have to open a link and enter a game code on their mobile browser.
Game is saved on the cloud and can be resumed even after they closed the browser.

online learning

25+ different task types

All kinds of task types to meet your amazing game ideas.
Accept text, images, QR codes, photos, videos, audio, GPS check-in and so many more.
Show a map on screen to guide players to physical locations.


Manually verify submissions

For more complex tasks without a pre-defined correct answer, use our judgement system to have facilitators verify the photos, videos, audio or text submitted.
You can even use AI to check submitted photos using prompts.


Play as a team

Players can play on different devices and have their progress synced as a team.
Creating teams is easy, 1 player joins first and then shares a QR code or a link.


Automate clues and allowing skips

Afraid that tasks are too difficult?
Set clues to appear or allow players to skip after a few minutes or after players have attempted multiple times.


Facilitator dashboard

Send announcements and messages to everyone or just specific teams.
If enabled, see where players are on a map.
Move players backwards or forwards in the game if required.


Flexible & robust

Our chapter-task-point system allows all kinds of activities.
Use it to make anywhere from free-for-all activities to guided ones from A to Z.
Make different teams follow different routes to ensure that they do not crowd.

call center agent

Amazing customer support

Drop us an email and we will reply in detail within 12 hours.
Schedule a video call with us for a free coaching session.
Our expert will explain about our digital scavenger hunt app and guide you on how to use it.


Maintain privacy

All media uploaded by players can be deleted by you at any point of time.
They will also be auto-deleted 90 days after submission.
We do not and will not share or sell any information uploaded by you or your players.

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Printable Scavenger Hunt Games

Discover a wide array of downloadable scavenger hunt games designed to enhance event gamification, workplace engagement, and college activities. Personalize diverse templates and editable PDFs, then print them for your next team-building activity.

Office Scavenger Hunt

It is not only a fun way to break the boring routine of the workday but also an effective team-building activity that promotes collaboration among colleagues. Get the various workplace scavenger hunt templates.

Event Scavenger Hunt

This engaging game is designed to break the ice and get to know your colleagues better. With some fun tasks thrown in the mix, participants are bound to create lasting memories.

Campus Scavenger Hunt

This is tailored for orientation events, helping new students navigate around campus, and for student networking. It promises an exciting experience that deviates from traditional events.

Our Players

Get a glimpse of players enjoying their Scavenger Hunt game to the fullest with our scavenger hunt app!

Event pictures using PlayTours app

VC Company Adventure

The Venture Capital wanted an engaging scavenger hunt to bond their employees. They had a great time working together as a team to complete the engaging activities. They were also happy to be able to reduce the cost of team building and make this a more frequent activity.

Event pictures using PlayTours app

"Walk for Wishes" Event

Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana used PlayTours for their "Walk For Wishes" event, where participants complete a fun scavenger hunt throughout Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. They snapped photos, answered trivia questions, and completed booth activities while exploring the zoo.

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