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We are here to answer any questions you may have. Use the live chat at the bottom right-hand corner, or fill out the form to send us a message. We will guide detailed instructions on how to implement your game ideas into action with the PlayTours platform, the real-life scavenger hunt app.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PlayTours supported in my country?

We are designed for use in any country and have supported events from every continent for their event gamification. If you are able to access "", it means that we are supported.

Must I pay to try PlayTours?

We have an unlimited free trial for you to create and test your game. Payment is only required when you start using PlayTours for actual events with more than 2 devices.

Are there ready-made games on PlayTours?

PlayTours, a scavenger hunt creator app, is a platform for anyone to build their own, customised games. To prevent any conflicts of interest, we do not have ready-made games available. However, we do have demo games added to your account upon registration to give you an idea of how games are built.

What support can we get from PlayTours?

Our Solutions Team will respond within 12 hours from either our email at "" or the live chat accessible from the bottom right-hand corner of our platform. We will provide detailed guidance on how you can implement your ideas on PlayTours.

What does a ‘Player’ and a 'Device' mean?

The term "player" refers to a single, human entity. In other words, when we use the word "player," we are specifically referring to a human being who is participating in the activity.

The term 'device' refer to the physical piece of equipment, regardless of how many individuals are using it at the same time. For example, if this activity is played on the smartphone, and five individuals are using the same smartphone to play that game, it is still considered to be only one device.

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