Student Engagement Activities

Help students connect with each other, explore their new campus in exciting ways, gamify school events, and make learning fun with PlayTours, digital scavenger hunt app.

PlayTours Education Student Engagement Activity

Make Learning Fun

PlayTours, a scavenger hunt app, is a powerful tool for promoting active learning. Our features add a gamification layer that boosts student engagement in the educational process.

Student Engagement Activities Ideas

Student gathering infant of a school

Campus Tour

With PlayTours' interactive maps feature, you can create a personalized route for new students to explore the campus while directing them to the distinct areas. This helps in showcasing the unique features of the campus and driving traffic towards those locations.

Additionally, you can include a brief description of each stop on the route for better understanding and engagement.

Classroom Quizzes

Incorporate technology into your classroom to enhance the learning experience and make it more engaging for students. By utilizing PlayTours, a gamification app, students can respond to quizzes with various types of answers, including text, integers, or even photos, and work through different chapters at their own pace.

A real-time leaderboard provides an opportunity for students to track their progress against their peers, boosting motivation and encouraging friendly competition.

Teacher teaching students
Getting award certification on completing PlayTours game

Reward Students

Upon completion of all missions using PlayTours' app scan feature, rewards and completion certificates can be instantly delivered to your students' mobile phones.

This automated process not only saves time, but also promotes student engagement and motivation to learn by offering a tangible incentive for their efforts.

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