Integrate PlayTours with Bookeo and start selling your games to the public!


Managing availabilities, ticket sales, and administrating games can be a challenge. With PlayTours and Bookeo, you can take the hassle out of it all! Integration takes less than 10 minutes.

Step 1: Create a PlayTours account and build your own game. Visit

Step 2: Create a Bookeo account. Visit

Step 3: Authorise PlayTours on Bookeo and get the API key.

- Open this link:,bookings_r_all

- Click Authorise this app.

- Copy the API Key.

Step 4: On your PlayTours account, add the API key.

- Open this link:

- Paste your API key.

- Click "Save changes"

Step 5: Get your Bookeo product code, for step 6.

Step 6: On your game screen, create a session just for Bookeo bookings and configure the Bookeo integration details.

- Click 'Add Session'.

- Configure session accordingly.

- Once added, go to Manage session and add the Bookeo integration details.

- Make sure that you fill up the Email Subject & Template with important information to get your players' started.

... and you're done!

This is how it will be like for your customers:

Step 1: They go to your Bookeo booking page to make a booking.

Step 2: They will receive the usual Bookeo email notification about their booking.

Step 3: On top of that, they will receive an email based from PlayTours with a unique link for them to start playing.


1) My customer wants to cancel their booking, how do I remove their booking in PlayTours?

Removing or cancelling the booking on Bookeo will automatically remove the booking in PlayTours. No further action is needed.

2) My customer has wants to add more people into his booking, how do I increase the device count for their team?

Changing the number of people in a booking will automatically change the device count in PlayTours. No further action is needed.

That's it! If you need help, do email us at