Unleashing the Fun with PlayTours Scavenger Hunt App: Team-Building Tool [Real-life Use Cases]


Are you tired of the same old boring team-building activities? Well, it’s 2023! It's time to switch things up and unleash some fun with PlayTours, the ultimate scavenger hunt app.

With PlayTours, you can add some excitement and competition to your work gathering or team event. Whether you are an event planner, remote worker, or just looking for a unique way to network, there's a scavenger hunt for everyone.

How can scavenger hunt apps be useful for team-building?

A scavenger hunt is a fun and unique way to get your team out of the office and into the real world. Scavenger hunts are a perfect mix of strategy, creativity, and teamwork.

Here are some real-life use cases that show just how effective scavenger hunts can be for team building and how PlayTours can be the ultimate team-building tool for your team.

Real-life Use Cases of PlayTours

With PlayTours, the ultimate scavenger hunt app, you can bring the excitement of a classic scavenger hunt to your workplace and watch your team bond like never before.

Bringing Remote Teams Together

With the rise of remote work, it’s more important than ever to bring remote teams together and build a strong sense of unity. With PlayTours, you can have a virtual scavenger hunt filled with exciting missions, right from the comfort of your own home.

Luwjistik was facing a challenge of keeping their remote employees engaged and motivated. PlayTours has features designed specifically for virtual experiences, like being able to see where other players virtually are on-screen and hiding puzzles from specific team members to encourage communication over video chat. Essentially PlayTours was the key to unlocking a fun and engaging virtual team-building experience for Luwjistik.

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Ice Breaking at Events

Scavenger hunt apps are a great way to break the ice and build stronger relationships between team members or event attendees. Whether it’s working together to complete a challenge or just sharing a laugh, PlayTours scavenger hunt app creates a fun and relaxed environment where team members can bond.

A Major E-sports Organization used PlayTours in Copenhagen, Denmark for their die-hard fans from all over the world to participate in booth games and explore the event space. Example challenge types are;

Take a photo - Fans have to take photos of them at specific locations throughout the event space, then photos can be validated by facilitators, and they get to see the result in real-time.

Scan QR code- With PlayTours, all participants just need to do is show the QR code to the station master and it can automatically calculate points gained by playing station games. It's that easy and totally awesome. Read how major e-sports organization used PlayTours for team engagement in more detail.

Adventurous Day Out with Your Team

How about fun outdoors? A trip together would make your team get closer and work better together. Let PlayTours be your guide on a custom team adventure through new parts of the city. With our interactive maps feature, you and your colleagues can explore, nosh on tasty treats, take on fun challenges like puzzles or trivia, and even squeeze in some quality bonding time.

Learn how to create self-guided tours with PlayTours

Boosting Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

A scavenger hunt requires participants to think creatively and work together to solve puzzles and complete challenges. It’s a fun way to stretch your team’s problem-solving muscles!

Malaysia's MOH wanted visitors to explore each booth and entire event space to make sure that every visitor gets the full experience. But, they added a little fun twist with PlayTours. At each station, QR code is displayed. Visitors have to go from one QR code to another QR code. They have to solve a puzzle and get a clue to guess where the next QR code is to give a little challenge and a scavenger hunt feel to it.

Read how Malaysia's MOH used PlayTours in their Bulan Malaysia Sihat Sejahtera event

Summing Up

The PlayTours scavenger hunt app offers numerous practical applications for team building, making it easier than ever to bring your team together and have fun. Additionally, it provides the opportunity for team members to discover and hone their unique skills.

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