A Major eSports Organisation used PlayTours to engage die-hard fans


Note: Client name and actual game screenshots redacted for confidentiality.

The Opportunity

When they wanted die-hard fans from all over the world to participate in booth games and explore the event space, they turned to PlayTours. They leveraged on PlayTours' customizable interface to create a branded interface, and PlayTours’ Game Completion Certificates to reward fans with their well-deserved prizes.

The rollout

QR codes were placed throughout the event space and fans can access the browser-based application and start playing - no app installs are needed. They were then greeted with a branded event page with their logo and colours.

A list of challenges was presented, and fans can select which ones they would like to participate in any order they like. These are the 2 types of challenges posed:

Take a photo - fans have to take photos of them at specific locations throughout the event space. A game admin in the backend will mark their submission as valid or invalid, and they get to see the result in real-time.

Station games - fans participate in station games, such as ball dribbling, and are awarded points based on their achievements. The station masters can simply show the participant a QR code for it to be scanned, and the points are added automatically.


Fans uploaded cheers and smiles throughout the event. Those who completed the challenges and raked in enough points were given a digital Completion Certificate to present to the prize collection booth. Once a certificate has been validated, it cannot be reused, preventing duplicate prize collection.

On top of that, as it was all-digital, no resources were wasted printing game booklets that might go unused, and the event organizers were able to make last-minute changes to the game without having to reprint anything.

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