Luwjistik used PlayTours to run an engaging virtual team-building experience


The Opportunity

When Luwjistik needed a better way to engage their work-from-home employees, they turned to PlayTours. They leveraged on special PlayTours’ features that have been designed specifically for virtual experiences: the ability to see where other players virtually are on-screen and the ability to hide puzzles from specific teammates to encourage communication across video chat.

Starting the game

Players logged into Zoom and a short 5-minute introduction was done. Players then go into their respective breakout rooms in groups of 5. One from each breakout room then opens up the game page and creates a team. They can then share the link with the rest in the breakout room to play the game together.

Once they are in, they are able to see what others are looking at in the web app.

The game puzzles

Luwjistik's goal was to have the breakout room discuss and interact with one another, unlike many other virtual escape rooms where players tend to complete puzzles on their own. PlayTours can do just that.

By creating puzzles that are broken up into pieces and separately shown to different players, players are strongly incentivized to verbally and visually let others know about what they can see on their screen.

Some examples:

“Opening the bank vault” - in the storyline, players are split into different rooms and are looking at different parts of the puzzle where symbols are attached to a specific number. Another player is at the bank vault with a number keypad with symbols. Players now have to verbally talk to one another to unlock the keypad.

“Disarming a bomb” - in the storyline, players have to disarm the bomb for their safety. However, the player disarming the bomb is split from the players that have detailed instructions on how to disarm the bomb. They now have to communicate clearly what the bomb looks like and what to do.

The conclusion

The players gave an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 for the experience, and the HR team was very pleased with the engagement. Luwjistik will continue to use PlayTours for future engagements, with multiple projects committed in the coming months.

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