Scavenger Hunt Safety: Tips and Best Practices with PlayTours


Scavenger hunts are incredibly exciting and engaging activities, perfect for team-building, family gatherings, or corporate events. They provide participants with opportunities for exploration, creativity, and collaboration. However, ensuring the safety of all participants is crucial when organizing a scavenger hunt. With the introduction of technology and real-life scavenger hunt apps like PlayTours, organizing and conducting a scavenger hunt has become more convenient, but safety should never be compromised. In this blog, we will explore essential safety tips and best practices when organizing a scavenger hunt using PlayTours.

Safety Starts with Planning

Choose Safe Locations: Begin by selecting safe and accessible locations for your scavenger hunt. Whether it's a park, a city street, or an indoor venue, ensure the area is free from potential hazards like vehicles.

Time of Day: Consider the time of day when your hunt will take place. Daylight hours are generally safer than nighttime. However, if you plan a night hunt, ensure well-lit routes and safe paths.

Permissions and Permits: If your hunt takes place in public spaces, check if permits are required. Always obtain necessary permissions, especially for large-scale events.

Weather Conditions: Keep a close eye on the weather forecast. If poor weather conditions are expected, have a contingency plan in place. With PlayTours, you can even create tasks that are weather-dependent. PlayTours digital scavenger hunt app has the ability to create tasks that appear only under specific game conditions. Read ‘how to create exclusive tasks for wet weather’.  You can also provide weather updates to participants via PlayTours broadcast feature.

Emergency Contacts: Compile a list of emergency contacts, including local authorities, medical facilities, and event organizers. Share this list with participants in case of emergencies.

Safe Task Design

Age-Appropriate Content: Tailor your scavenger hunt tasks to the age group of the participants. Ensure the content is suitable for all players, especially if children are involved.

Clear Instructions: Write clear and concise instructions for tasks. Participants should easily understand what is expected of them. Utilize PlayTours' task descriptions and media to provide clarity. You can even ask AI to write tasks missions for you.

Safe Challenges: Choose challenges that are safe and free from risks. Avoid tasks that could lead to dangerous behaviors or trespassing on private property.

Timers and Time Management: If your hunt includes time limits, use timers to prevent participants from rushing or taking unnecessary risks. You can set the time of each mission, or make it skippable if it takes too long on the PlayTours scavenger hunt app.

Participant Safety

Teams or Buddies: Encourage participants to form teams or buddy systems. This ensures no one is left alone, especially in unfamiliar areas. Team members can be invited via PlayTours digital scavenger hunt app.

Safety Gear: If the hunt involves any physical challenges, recommend safety gear. For instance, if biking is part of the hunt, helmets should be mandatory.

First Aid Kit: Keep a first aid kit on hand in case of minor injuries or accidents.

Hydration and Nutrition: Depending on the hunt's duration, remind participants to stay hydrated and provide opportunities for quick refreshments.

PlayTours Safety Features

PlayTours, the scavenger hunt app, offers several features to enhance safety during your event:

Real-Time GPS Tracking: With GPS tracking, you can monitor the participants' locations in real time, ensuring they stay within designated areas.

Checkpoints: Utilize PlayTours' checkpoint feature to guide participants and verify their progress safely.

Instant Communication: Stay in touch with participants through instant messaging within the app. This feature is valuable for sending announcements or assisting teams if they have questions or concerns.

Wet Weather and Special Game Conditions : If your hunt is weather-dependent, with PlayTours app’s adaptability, you can tailor the experience to real-time conditions, such as weather changes, making the game more enjoyable regardless of external factors.

Post-Event Safety

Debrief: After the scavenger hunt, gather participants for a debriefing session. This is an opportunity to share experiences and address any safety concerns that arose during the event.

Feedback: Collect feedback from participants regarding safety, and use it to improve future events. Take a feedback survey via PlayTours app, players can make suggestions and rate the experience on their mobile phone with the best scavenger hunt app,, PlayTours. 


Safety should be the top priority when organizing a scavenger hunt. By implementing these tips and using the safety features provided by PlayTours, you can ensure a fun, exciting, and secure experience for all participants including children. With careful planning, responsible task design, and technology like DIY scavenger hunt app, PlayTours, your scavenger hunt will be both memorable and safe.

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