How To Create Exclusive Tasks for Wet Weather and Special Game Conditions on PlayTours


Whether you're organizing a city scavenger hunt, a corporate team-building event, or any other adventure, the PlayTours app offers a unique and dynamic way to create memorable experiences for your participants. One of its standout features is the ability to create tasks that appear only under specific game conditions, such as wet weather. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of setting up these special tasks and explore the benefits of using this feature.

Step 1: Access the Game Builder

To get started, log in to your PlayTours admin dashboard and access the "Game Builder." Here, you can either create a new task or select an existing one that you'd like to designate as a special condition task.

Step 2: Edit the Task

Once you've chosen your task, click on it to edit its details. In the "Access & Visibility" section, you'll find a category labeled "Task category." This category allows players to filter tasks by different criteria. To set up "wet weather only tasks" or any other specific game condition, simply type in the category name, such as "Wet Weather Only."

Step 3: Configure Points

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for all other tasks that should only appear under specific game conditions. 

However, there's an important note to keep in mind regarding the points required to complete chapters. Ensure that the point system is configured appropriately so that teams can complete the game even without encountering the hidden tasks.

For example, if your game has a total of six tasks, with three of them designated as wet weather only tasks, and each of these tasks is worth five points, players should need only 15 points to complete the chapter, as opposed to the default 30 points. This adjustment is essential because depending on the weather or other game conditions, tasks may vary, and participants shouldn't be required to complete all six tasks.

Step 4: Save Your Game

After configuring the tasks and points, make sure to save your game. If this is the first time you're building the game, it will show as "Create game."

Step 5: Create a Session

Now, it's time to create a session for your event. The session name could simply be your event's name, and you'll need to fill in other required information. Click Add Session.

Step 6: Manage Your Session

Once you've added the session, click on "Manage" to access the event's facilitator settings.

Step 7: Open the Facilitators' Link

Within the facilitator settings, open the facilitators' link for your event.

Step 8: Hide or Reveal The Tasks

Under the 'Actions' menu, choose 'Toggle Task Categories.' Here, you can set the task category (e.g., "Wet Weather") to be hidden by ensuring that the "eye" icon is active.

The tasks are now hidden and will only appear if the specified game conditions are met. During the event, if you want to show the "wet weather only" tasks, perhaps because it started raining, simply repeat Step 8 to reveal the tasks.

Important Note: Ensure that the "wet weather only" tasks provide enough points to cover the chapter's required total. Otherwise, teams may struggle to complete the chapter and advance the game.

Benefits of Using This Feature

Creating tasks that appear only under specific game conditions offers several benefits:

Adaptability: You can tailor the experience to real-time conditions, such as weather changes, making the game more enjoyable regardless of external factors.

Dynamic Gameplay: It keeps the scavenger hunt dynamic and engaging. Participants will never know what to expect, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the game.

Increased Challenge: Special condition tasks can be designed to be more challenging or unique, providing an extra layer of intrigue for participants.

Enhanced Player Experience: Participants appreciate the effort put into creating a customized and responsive game that adapts to their surroundings and circumstances.

Memorable Adventures: The unexpected appearance of these tasks can lead to unforgettable moments and memorable adventures that participants will talk about long even after the game ends.

Wet weather-only tasks allow participants to enjoy the scavenger hunt experience without worrying about getting soaked in the rain. It adds variety to the game and can be adapted to different indoor locations and themes.Here are some ideas of wet weather-only scavenger hunt tasks:

Wet Weather-Only Scavenger Hunt Tasks

☔️ Rainy Day Reflections: In this mission, participants are tasked with capturing artistic photos of reflections created by rain puddles. They can document these reflections on streets, sidewalks, or even in building windows

☕ Café Visit: Participants can visit a local indoor café while raining. They can enjoy a warm beverage and complete a task like taking a creative Cappuccino coffee art photo.

🏛️ Artistic Museum: Replace an outdoor checkpoint with a nearby museum, or the art gallery, and instruct them to find a specific piece of artwork or sculpture. They must take a photo of themselves with the artwork to prove they completed the task. 

🛍️ Shopping Center Challenge:  Instead of an outdoor park, make a shopping mall a checkpoint, where they might need to find specific items like orange shirt, or red dress.

🎬 Cinema Scavenger Hunt: Choose a cinema as a checkpoint where participants need to answer questions related to current or classic movies showing there.

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