How to use the Access Codes feature in PlayTours


The "Access Codes" feature allows organisers to require players to key in an access code. This code has to be provided by you, the organiser, and should be created before the event starts.

This is useful for multiple uses cases:

- If you use an external ticketing service.

- Alternatively, to automate this, PlayTours have an integration with Bookeo. Read here.

- If you want players to create their own teams and team names but want to limit the number of teams created.

For the organiser

1) In the game screen, create a new session, and enable "Require access codes".

2) In the manage session screen, go to "Access Codes", and download the CSV template.

3) Edit the CSV template accordingly. Codes that are already added will be ignored.

4) Upload the CSV template.

5) Give the player the "Player's game link"

For the player

1) The organiser first has to give the player the access code.

2) Once they open the player's game link, they will click "Play now" and input the access code.

3) If they input an invalid or a used access code, they will get an error.

That's it! If you need help, do email us at