Unique team-building activities your colleagues would love!


Team-building activities are important for any workplace. They help coworkers get to know each other better, learn how to work together, and have fun while doing it! Now, you might be stuck wondering, what are fun activities for your colleagues? We’ve got your back. Playtours app that specializes in bringing unique team-building games and activities to businesses of all sizes. We offer scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and many other types of games that are perfect for groups of all sizes! Get started with these unique team-building activities.

Scavenger Hunts

One of the most popular team-building activities is a fun scavenger hunt. This involves dividing your team into smaller groups and sending them off on different missions around the office or surrounding area. Set challenges for your colleagues to complete, such as taking photos with certain objects, solving puzzles, or performing small tasks like singing a song or doing an impression.

Escape Room

Another great team-building activity is an escape room challenge. This involves locking your colleagues in a room together with puzzles and tasks to complete to find the key and escape. With PlayTour's advanced feature, set your team a time limit for this challenge, and help them with timer-based, attempt-based clues to prevent them from getting frustrated. Or you can just simply allow them to work through the puzzles at their own pace. What if your team is remote? Try a virtual escape room. On PlayTours, you can create a personalized escape room, using the “virtual spaces” feature to simulate players moving around a 3D space and allowing them to discover and inspect items.

Guided Tour During Team Field Day

Get out of the office and go to a team field for extra fun. Explore new places with your colleagues on PlayTours guided tour. You can create a custom team field day route with our interactive maps feature, allowing your colleagues to explore new parts of the city together and learn about different areas. You can include stops for food, fun activities like puzzles or trivia challenges, or just some downtime to catch up with other team members.

No matter what your team needs to get closer and work better together, PlayTours has the perfect activity for you! Use these ideas and PlayTours to create a stronger bond between colleagues and build your fun company culture. Get started with these unique team-building activities today!

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