Unique Christmas Party Game Ideas


It is snowing, the lights are twinkling and the time for Christmas parties is upon us, which means it’s Christmas party game season! Every great Christmas party has a delicious feast, festive decor, and gifts. But it could not be complete without fun party games. So, what kinda party games? We came up with the best Christmas game ideas that will make your party the talk of the town, and add a little extra excitement to your holiday party this year.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Hide all sorts of festive goodies around your house or party venue and let your guests loose to see who can find the most. This is a great way to get everyone moving and mingling. You can create and manage all sorts of scavenger hunt missions with PlayTours GPS-based scavenger hunts with our interactive maps feature.

Christmas Trivia

Test your guests' knowledge of all things Christmas with a fun trivia game. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you like, and they can easily answer with their smartphone on PlayTours, and correct answers will get points and calculated automatically in the system.

Make A Snowman

This is a classic Christmas activity that is perfect for getting everyone in the festive spirit, indeed a must-do tradition on this snowy day. But to make it unique? PlayTours can help you. PlayTours has a feature of shareable photos and videos. After making a snowman with team, make them submit photos/videos on PlayTours by just snapping it with their mobile phone. After submitting to get points, all the photos and videos can be automatically shared in chat so everyone can enjoy them, and save it as a lasting memory.

Gather at Christmas Market

​​Why not gather around with your neighbours and check out the Christmas market? With PlayTours, you can make the participants to go to designated location with customized route and make them check-in to complete missions. In this way, the participants will get to spend quality time together with their team members and explore all the market has to offer in a unique way.

Find The Hidden Treasure

Make them move around, and find the hidden QR code. Once they scan the QR code, they will get a hint to get to the hidden treasure/gift. This would make your Christmas party challenging and adventurous.

You can create delightful intensive experiences with all those Chrismas-themed missions and more with PlayTours, easiest party game builder. Christmas is just around the corner. Hurry and give it a shot right now!

That's it! If you need help, do email us at hello@playtours.app