Top Singapore’s Universities Enhanced Student Experience with PlayTours Scavenger Hunt App


As a creative approach to welcoming new students into the campus, most of the leading universities in Singapore have used PlayTours scavenger hunt app to facilitate interactive and engaging freshman orientation events. 


From top universities such as Singapore Polytechnic, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and Singapore Management University, to key organizations like the Ministry of Education and Housing & Development Board, PlayTours is making a significant impact.


How PlayTours scavenger hunt app is used for: 

(1) Scavenger Hunts to Introduce Students to the School Library

Singapore universities are using PlayTours to design thrilling scavenger hunts, enabling students to explore and familiarize themselves with important locations such as libraries and hidden treasures on their campuses.

The excitement of a scavenger hunt encourages students to actively participate and discover the university's various landmarks and resources. By turning exploration into a game, PlayTours ensures that students learn where things are and retain this information better.


(2) School Orientation to Get to Know the School Facilities

Our scavenger hunt app provides guided tours and scavenger hunts that introduce students to essential university facilities, including lecture halls, libraries, cafeterias, and sports complexes, ensuring they are well-acquainted with their new environment.

PlayTours makes it easy for universities to create customized tours that highlight their unique facilities and features, providing a personalized onboarding experience for every student. A well-planned scavenger hunt can take students to key locations, ensuring they know where to find academic resources, recreational facilities, and support services. This holistic introduction helps students feel more comfortable and prepared, allowing them to focus on their studies and social interactions rather than worrying about getting lost or missing out on important resources.

(3) As Part of Freshman Orientation Games

During freshman orientation, PlayTours scavenger hunt app features engaging and interactive games specifically designed to enhance these orientation programs. These games help new students bond, discover the campus, and build a sense of school spirit and belonging from the very beginning.

As they work together to solve clues and complete challenges, they naturally form friendships and learn how to support one another. By incorporating PlayTours into their orientation programs, universities can ensure that every new student feels welcomed and connected to their peers and their new environment.

Trusted by Singapore’s Leading Organisations

PlayTours is proud to be trusted by leading institutions and organizations in Singapore. Our app is not only transforming how students experience campus life but also enhancing the overall onboarding process for educational institutions. The positive feedback from top universities and key organizations underscores the value and effectiveness of our innovative scavenger hunt platform.

Experience the difference with PlayTours and discover why major organizations in Singapore are turning to our app to enhance their orientation programs and campus life. Whether it’s exploring landmarks, introducing facilities, or fostering connections through interactive games, PlayTours is the best scavenger hunt app for creating memorable and effective onboarding experiences.

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