Top 5 Free Scavenger Hunt Apps For Adults and Teens


Why do people of all ages still love scavenger hunts? Well, it's because they're super fun and bring everyone together! If you are looking for exciting ways to engage in adventure, challenge your thinking, and bond with friends, scavenger hunts are the perfect answer, offering a mix of entertainment, teamwork, and problem-solving. Whether as the team-building activities in the workplace for adults or as part of school events for teens, scavenger hunts provide a unique blend of fun, challenge, and interaction.

Why Should You Use A Scavenger Hunt App?

In the past, making a scavenger hunt meant cutting paper and planning everything from scratch. Now, we have awesome scavenger hunt apps. Scavenger hunt apps enable users to create hunts anytime and anywhere, transcending geographical barriers. The flexibility to design hunts for various themes, occasions, and skill levels has expanded the horizons of scavenger hunts, making them a versatile tool for entertainment, education, and team-building purposes.

There are plenty of free scavenger hunt apps out there designed for both adults and teens. Let's dive into the top five options that will add a dose of excitement to your day. 

1. PlayTours - Unleash Customizable Fun

If you're on the hunt for an app that's tailor-made for corporate team building, events, and activities, PlayTours is your ultimate companion. What sets PlayTours apart is its exceptional customizability. It provides you with the freedom to use diverse text formats, images, videos, and even audio to craft a truly unique scavenger hunt experience. The interface allows you to set background images and audio to create the right ambiance for each challenge. 

playtours app screenshot

PlayTours caters to various event types, be it a structured station-to-station game or a more spontaneous approach where players choose tasks as they go along. The app boasts a range of task types, from info-only to text, numbers, puzzles, images, videos, and even AI-driven image recognition.

The coolest part? You can access PlayTours directly from your browser, eliminating the need for downloads. Furthermore, PlayTours offers an incredibly generous free trial period with no time limits and no restrictions on the number of devices, as long as they don't exceed the concurrent device limit. They started charging if the concurrent mobile device is more than 2. Enjoy unlimited free trial-

campus tor

2. GooseChase - Polished and Modern Look

For a polished and user-friendly game builder platform, GooseChase is a stellar choice. While it might have some limitations in terms of customization unlike PlayTours, it excels in simplicity and straightforwardness. The app allows you to either select a pre-existing theme from its mission bank or create a new one from scratch. Participants complete missions by submitting photos via the app, earning points for each successful task. This app is perfect for those seeking a seamless experience for organizing small team hunts. While GooseChase does offer paid packages for larger groups or businesses, it is free to use for basic requirements.

Goosechase dashboard

3. Scavify - Professional Simplicity

With a simple and professional interface, Scavify is perfect for straightforward events. Similar to GooseChase, Scavify follows a task list system where participants complete tasks in their preferred order. The app offers a range of task types, including question-and-answer, QR code scans, GPS check-ins, photo/video submissions, and multiple-choice formats. Scavify's real-time leaderboard adds an element of competition, keeping participants engaged as they monitor their progress. You can request a free demo to explore its features before deciding to purchase a paid version.

Scavify mobile app
scavify dashboard

4. Let's Roam - Exploring Beyond Boundaries

If you're yearning for diverse scavenger hunt experiences, Let's Roam has you covered. With a broad spectrum of options from city explorations to bar crawls, ghost tours, art walks, and even date night packages, Let's Roam caters to every preference. However, it's essential to note that Let's Roam isn't a DIY app. Instead, it offers guided tours for different experiences such as New York Razzle Dazzle scavenger hunt, Melbourne‘s Bar hunt, Bali’s downtown discovery, etc. The app spans over 400 cities worldwide, allowing you to immerse yourself in a unique journey of exploration. Whether you're a solo adventurer or planning a team activity on a trip, Let's Roam can be a go-to choice as it offers an array of options for different occasions.

Let's roam

5. Actionbound - Basic yet Engaging

If you're looking for a basic free scavenger hunt app, Actionbound might be your choice. Actionbound, born as an educational tool, has evolved into a versatile digital scavenger hunt app for individuals, companies, and educational institutions. This app offers an assortment of task types, including question-and-answer formats, photo/video/audio/text missions, GPS check-ins, QR code scans, and surveys. It's particularly appealing for those seeking a cost-effective solution for creating engaging hunts. The basic plan is free, making it accessible to create simple hunts. However, keep in mind that Actionbound's free tier isn't for commercial purposes.

Actionbound dashboard

In conclusion, scavenger hunts persist as a beloved activity among adults and teens due to their ability to blend enjoyment and learning seamlessly. In the realm of team-building activities for adults and teens, scavenger hunts serve as an effective tool for fostering camaraderie, improving communication, and enhancing problem-solving skills.

Choose the app that suits your needs and try for free today!

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