Top 5 Benefits of Event Gamification


When it comes to events, there is always more that can be done to engage attendees and create a memorable experience. That's where event gamification comes in.

So, what is event gamification? In short, it is the process of incorporating game mechanics into an event experience to create an engaging and fun atmosphere that will keep people talking long after the event is over. Event organizers can create missions on PlayTours for event-goers to drive them to visit booths and participate in activities.

There are many benefits of gamifying events, and we will discuss five of them in this blog post.

1. Improved Event Engagement

Gamification is a great way to increase engagement among event attendees, as it provides an interactive and fun experience that people are sure to enjoy. Through scanning QR code missions or other activities, vendors and sponsors can have QR codes at their booths for attendees to scan for points. Your event will be a success since your attendees are entertained and involved from start to finish.

2. Enhanced Teamwork and Networking

Another great benefit of event gamification is that it encourages teamwork and networking among event attendees. By creating team challenges or missions like solving puzzles and answering quizzes, that involve working together, event organizers can help participants build stronger connections with each other and foster a more collaborative environment. It will make them more comfortable to approach one another and can lead to more meaningful interactions, stronger relationships, and enhanced networking opportunities for everyone involved.

3. Elevated Visitor Experience

No more boring events where visitors are simply working around. Event gamification can build a unique visitor experience with many gamified activities like having to take photos of them at specific locations throughout the event space. Once participants collected enough points, they will receive completion certificates and awards that can be validated at the prize collection booth by just scanning a QR Code. These all can be done on PlayTours and it helps attendees stay engaged and motivated throughout the event, enhancing their overall experience.

4. A Shared Purpose and Common Ground

You can customize games aligned with your game objective and players will have the same common goal with you. You can promote your organization or product in a fun way and attendees can learn more about it, why this event is held, etc. This will help attendees feel more connected to one another, and increase your brand awareness.

5. Real-Time Event Feedback

Does your event go well? Does your event impress participants and complete "call to action"? Event-gamification technology will answer for you. Event organizers can collect valuable feedback from event attendees in real time. This data can help you identify areas of improvement for future events, and adjust course as necessary to ensure that each event is a success.

To sum up, whether you are planning an event for your company or organization, event gamification will help you to create a memorable experience for attendees, sponsors, and all participants. PlayTours is a platform where you can create such event-gamification experiences that drive attendee engagement.

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