The Ultimate Guide of Corporate Event with Printable Scavenger Hunt Game Sheet


Corporate events are more than just meetings and presentations—they're opportunities for team building, networking, and fostering a positive company culture. One engaging and interactive activity that has become increasingly popular at corporate events is the scavenger hunt. In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about planning and executing a successful corporate event scavenger hunt that will leave participants excited and energized.

Why Should Organizers Make Scavenger Hunt a Must-Have Activity at Corporate Events?

Team Building: Picture this—your team, working together like a well-oiled machine, cracking codes, and conquering challenges. Scavenger hunts are all about teamwork and collaboration, helping your crew bond like never before.

Networking: Who says networking has to be challenging? With a scavenger hunt, you can bring colleagues from different corners of the office together, giving them a chance to mingle, swap business cards, and make new connections.

Brand Promotion: Corporate scavenger hunts can be customized to incorporate company-specific themes, messages, or branding elements. It's a sneaky (yet totally fun) way for employer branding and gets everyone talking about your company.

Learning and Development: Scavenger hunts aren't just about fun and games—they can also be educational! Sneak in some company history lessons or industry insights between challenges, and watch your team soak up knowledge while having a blast.

Fun and Entertainment: Let's face it—corporate events can be a boring. But not yours! With a scavenger hunt on the agenda, you'll inject some serious fun and excitement into the day, giving your team a chance to let loose, laugh, and create unforgettable memories.

Planning Your Scavenger Hunt Adventure

First things first, what's your goal? Set the vibe, pick a date, and decide where this adventure is going down.

Next, let your creativity run wild as you brainstorm the format of the scavenger hunt. Decide whether participants will compete in teams or as solo players, and establish the duration of the event to ensure everyone has ample time to complete the challenges.

Take a moment to assess your budget and allocate funds for prizes, supplies, and any additional expenses associated with the scavenger hunt. Whether it's purchasing materials for the challenges or securing permits for specific locations, having a clear budget in mind will help you stay organized and ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Corporate Event Printable Scavenger Hunt Game Cards

"Getting To Know You" bingo is tailor-made for networking at your corporate event! This bingo game is all about breaking the ice and getting to know your colleagues better. With missions like exchanging business cards, spotting long-service colleagues, and some fun tasks thrown in the mix, participants will have memorable moments. 

Find someone who fits each description, write down their name in the blank spaces, and aim for bingo! Not only is it a fun way to pass the time, but it also creates opportunities for networking and bonding with colleagues you may not have crossed paths with before. Let the mingling begin! Download the Printable Getting To Know You Bingo Game PDF File here.

Here's the printable event game called "Event Adventure Quest", designed to enhance any event experience, in which attendees explore the venue through exciting challenges. Test how much the attendees know about the event's theme with trivia quizzes and solving word puzzles to get to know about the coming talkshow.

The photo challenge encourages attendees to visit each event booth, capturing moments and networking by taking selfies with fellow attendees. For the creativity challenge, attendees can unleash their artistic side by crafting artwork using materials found at the event, fostering teamwork and camaraderie among table teams. With this printable event scavenger hunt game, attendees can engage in fun-filled activities while forging stronger connections with one another. Download the Printable Event Scavenger Hunt Game PDF file here.

Get Help From Technology For Event Gamification

Printing out scavenger hunt sheets and game cards for each attendee can be a daunting task, not to mention the challenge of collecting photos for a photo scavenger hunt. It requires a significant amount of manpower and time, making manual preparation and scoring quite a hassle. 

Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue with solutions like the PlayTours event scavenger hunt app. By leveraging this app, facilitators can streamline the process, monitoring and evaluating photo/video submissions directly through the app's dashboard. With automatic point calculations and fairness maintained among teams, the app ensures transparency and accuracy in scoring. Plus, you can personalize each event game to suit your preferences with the PlayTours app. From customized missions, color, background music, and logo, it’s a tailored game just made for your event!

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