The Top 3 Storyline Ideas That Fit Any Local Setting for a Puzzle/Scavenger Hunt


Do you love building scavenger hunts? Well, here are three great storyline ideas that will make your scavenger hunt even more exciting! Whether you're looking for a fun family activity or an event that will entertain guests, these storylines are perfect for any local setting.

An Organization from the Future

Imagine an organization from the future trying to contact you via a device in order to stop something from happening. As you scavenge for clues around your local area, you'll have to decipher codes and solve puzzles in order to figure out what this organization is trying to say. Can you save the future from disaster?

The Detective Story

Take on the role of a detective as you scavenge for clues around your local area. Using information obtained from eyewitnesses and police investigations, you'll have to piece together the events of a crime in order to solve it. It's up to you to catch the culprit!

The Recovery Mission

After getting too drunk or getting into a concussion, you must retrace your steps in order to find your way home. As you look around the place for familiar sights and sounds, you'll have to solve puzzles in order to remember where you came from. Can you make it back home safe and sound?

Which of these scavenger hunt storyline ideas will you choose for your next scavenger hunt? Excited to get started??

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