The Only Scavenger Hunt App Pricing Guide You Need For 2024 - For All Use-Cases


If you're on the hunt for the perfect scavenger hunt app to elevate your events in 2024, you've come to the right place. Scavenger hunts have evolved, and so have the options available to organizers. To make an informed decision, let's dive into the comprehensive pricing guide for the top-searched scavenger hunt apps, considering various scenarios and use cases.

Single Session Price Comparison (10, 20, 60, 120 Devices):

Scavenger hunt apps pricing chart for single session


USD 49 (10 devices)

USD 79 (20 devices)

USD 79 (60 devices)

USD 159 (120 devices)


USD 76 (10 devices)

USD 152 (20 devices)

USD 456 (60 devices)

USD 912 (120 devices)


USD 430 (10 devices)

USD 430 (20 devices)

USD 1080 (60 devices)

USD 1560 (120 devices)


USD 649 (10 devices)

USD 649 (20 devices)

USD 1947 (60 devices)

USD 3849 (120 devices)


USD 98 (10 devices)

USD 196 (20 devices)

USD 588 (60 devices)

USD 1176 (120 devices)


USD 100 (10 devices)

USD 200 (20 devices)

USD 600 (60 devices)

USD 1200 (120 devices)


USD 10.44 (10 devices)

USD 20.89 (20 devices)

USD 53.61 (60 devices)

USD 97.38 (120 devices)

4-Sessions Price Comparison (10, 20, 60, 120 Devices):

Scavenger hunt apps pricing chart for 4 sessions


USD 49 (10 devices)

USD 79 (20 devices)

USD 79 (60 devices)

USD 159 (120 devices)


USD 76 (10 devices)

USD 152 (20 devices)

USD 456 (60 devices)

USD 912 (120 devices)


USD 1720 (10 devices)

USD 1720 (20 devices)

USD 4320 (60 devices)

USD 6240 (120 devices)


USD 2596 (10 devices)

USD 2596 (20 devices)

USD 7788 (60 devices)

USD 15576 (120 devices)


USD 392 (10 devices)

USD 784 (20 devices)

USD 1352 (60 devices)

USD 4704 (120 devices)


USD 400 (10 devices)

USD 800 (20 devices)

USD 2400 (60 devices)

USD 4800 (120 devices)


USD 41.76 (10 devices)

USD 83.56 (20 devices)

USD 214.44 (60 devices)

USD 389.52 (120 devices)

Not every team needs a device for each member. A team of 5 might only require 1 or 2 devices. Interestingly, some app prices remain constant for both single and multiple sessions, as they charge based on the number of devices, not the sessions created. For example, PlayTours lets you create unlimited sessions as long as it does not exceed the active device limit at any given time. And with the ActionBound’s PRO license, you can create as many games as you like too. So, whether you're planning a one-time event or a series, these apps have you covered.

Why is PlayTours, a scavenger hunt app, the most ideal option?

Instead of charging on a per-device basis, PlayTours charge on a max active device pricing. For example, if you are on our 10-device tier, you can have a total of unlimited number of devices, as long as only 10 devices are playing at a time. So, you can host multiple sessions of games in a week without paying extra.

This means that PlayTours maintains consistent pricing for both single and multiple sessions. The logic is simple — pay for an active device count, regardless of how many sessions you plan to run, ensuring cost-effectiveness. On the flip side, most apps like Scavify, Goosechase, Loquiz, Cluekeeper and Locatify adopt a variable pricing strategy for each session, potentially leading to a significant increase in costs.

PlayTours believes in transparent and predictable pricing. The costs for 10, 20, 60, and 120 devices are clearly laid out, eliminating confusion and ensuring that event planners can budget with confidence.

Pros and Cons of Each Scavenger Hunt App

The suitability of each scavenger hunt app and choosing the best scavenger hunt app depends on your specific event needs, and these pros and cons should be weighed against your particular requirements and preferences.

Pros of PlayTours Scavenger Hunt App

Consistent Pricing for Multiple Sessions: Whether you're planning a single session or multiple sessions, PlayTours maintains consistent pricing, offering savings for series events.

Efficient Event Management: With reduced reliance on additional facilitators, PlayTours minimizes logistical challenges, making event management more efficient.

Scalability: Regardless of team size, PlayTours scales effectively, making it suitable for both small team-building activities and large-scale corporate events.

Cons of PlayTours Scavenger Hunt App

Limited Brand Recognition: Compared to some competitors, PlayTours might have limited brand recognition in the market.

Learning Curve: Like any new software, there might be a learning curve for event planners who are new to PlayTours.

Feature Set: While PlayTours offers a robust set of features, it's essential to ensure that it meets specific requirements as other apps might have different feature sets.

Pros of Actionbound Scavenger Hunt App

Flexible Task Options: ActionBound offers various task types, including question-and-answer, photo/video/audio/text missions, GPS check-ins, QR code scans, and surveys, providing versatility in creating diverse challenges.

Task Order Customization: Organizers have the flexibility to decide whether players must complete tasks in a specific order or in any sequence, allowing for tailored game structures.

​​Event Banner Feature: ActionBound allows organizers to set an event banner for a personalized touch at the top of the welcome screen, enhancing branding and aesthetics.

Cons of ActionBound Scavenger Hunt App

Limited Clue Mechanisms: While ActionBound provides clues for incorrect answers, there are no additional mechanisms or features to add complexity or variety to the clue system.

Styling Costs: For extensive customization of the app's appearance, users need to subscribe to their Bound Styler, incurring a cost of over EUR 500 per year, making it a pricey option for comprehensive styling.

App Download Requirement: Players are required to download and install the app from the app store before participating, which may pose a barrier for some participants and add an extra step to the onboarding process.

Pros of Scavify Scavenger Hunt App

Photo Stream Feature: The "photo stream" feature encourages player interaction by providing a continuous display of player photos. This fosters a sense of community as players can view, comment on, and like each other's submissions.

Customizable Welcome Page: Event organizers can customize the welcome page with their logo, event name, and banner photos, allowing for a degree of personalization to enhance branding.

Cons of Scavify Scavenger Hunt App

Limited Task Logic: Scavify follows a simple task list system, and tasks must be completed in the order chosen by players. There is no additional logic for task appearance, making it less flexible compared to other platforms.

Lack of Clue Mechanism: Unlike some other platforms, Scavify lacks a mechanism to show clues or have them appear based on the situation. All task information is presented to the player when the task is clicked, potentially limiting the depth of challenges.

Pros of Goosechase Scavenger Hunt App

User-Friendly Interface: GooseChase is known for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible for both organizers and participants.

Adaptable for Various Events: GooseChase is versatile and can be used for team-building activities, educational programs, conferences, and other events.

Photo and Video Evidence: Participants can submit photo and video evidence to complete missions, adding a multimedia aspect to the scavenger hunt.

Cons of Goosechase Scavenger Hunt App

Pricing: GooseChase's pricing structure is the most pricey option, especially for larger events or multiple sessions.

Task Customization Limitations: it primarily utilizes a task list system called "Missions" and an automation script feature. While this feature allows for some customization, users find it somewhat constrained, particularly in terms of dynamic task scheduling. 

Brand-ability Limitations: The only customizable element is the logo that appears at the beginning of the experience. However, it's important to note that even with this customization, the app's name remains clearly identified as GooseChase when downloaded and opened by players.

Pros of Loquiz Scavenger Hunt App

Advanced Task Types: Loquiz offers unique advanced task types such as activity stations, augmented photos, and object finders. The task bank feature allows for the quick addition of tasks from previous games or those created by third parties.

Flexibility and Sophistication: Loquiz is considered one of the more flexible and sophisticated game builders, utilizing code blocks that allow for virtually any design. It supports a wide range of game types, including tours, city guides, event games, HR and team-building games, educational games, and museum guides.

Cons of Loquiz Scavenger Hunt App

Limited Clue Mechanism: The clue mechanism in Loquiz is relatively limited, offering only one default mechanism for adding text-based hints. While functional, it may lack the depth of clue options found in some other platforms.

Dependency on App Download: Players need to download the Loquiz app before the event. In areas with limited internet connectivity and a large number of players, this dependency could affect internet speed and download times.

Pros of ClueKeeper Scavenger Hunt App

Flexibility in Game Design: ClueKeeper stands out as one of the most flexible game designers, accommodating a wide range of game types and scenarios. Despite an outdated player app design, its robust game design capabilities make it a versatile choice.

Advanced Configuration Options: The platform offers extensive configuration options, making it well-suited for various game types. It excels in competitive games, providing advanced features that elevate the competition level. For instance, the Scoring Policy can be set to Par-based, scoring teams based on the time taken to solve challenges.

Location-Based Tasks: The platform supports location-based tasks, ensuring that players must be at the correct location to answer questions. This feature adds an extra layer of engagement and authenticity to the scavenger hunt.

Cons of ClueKeeper Scavenger Hunt App

Single Task Type: ClueKeeper has a limitation in task types, offering only one task type where players input text to answer. While this task type is versatile, it may lack the variety found in platforms with multiple task options.

Outdated Player App Design: The player app design is considered outdated, which could impact the overall user experience. A more modern and visually appealing interface may be desired by users accustomed to contemporary design standards.

Pros of Locatify Scavenger Hunt App

Versatility Across Industries: Locatify offers a broad range of applications, making it suitable for various industries such as tourism, museums, events, team-building, and education. Its adaptability makes it a versatile platform for creating different location-based experiences.

Diverse Environment Compatibility: Locatify caters to both indoor and outdoor experiences. Utilizing maps, GPS, BLE Beacons, and UWB (Ultra-Wideband) technology, the platform ensures that media content is triggered at precise locations and times, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

Cons of Locatify Scavenger Hunt App

Limited Task Customization: One drawback of Locatify is the limited customization options for tasks. Users may find constraints in tailoring tasks according to their specific preferences or requirements. This limitation could affect the depth and complexity of the created experiences.

Mandatory App Download: Participants are required to download the app before engaging in the location-based activities. This mandatory download may be seen as a barrier by some users, particularly those who prefer not to download additional apps for specific events.

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