PlayTours Vs Goosechase: Which is Better For Scavenger Hunts?


Spending enjoyable moments with your family and involving children in activities that ignite their excitement is truly incomparable. You can also play thrilling games either alone or with friends to stimulate creativity. This is where scavenger hunts come in.

Adapting to the evolving times, online scavenger hunts have gained significant popularity in recent years. Online games allow players to explore, be innovative, and establish communities even when they are not physically together.

These games keep your team members occupied and play a crucial role in developing critical thinking skills and creating memorable experiences with your teams. However, with the various types of scavenger hunts available, it can become daunting to choose the most suitable one for you.

Scavenger Hunt - A Brief Overview

Scavenger hunts, or treasure hunts, are an inclusive activity that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages, from children to adults. It is an exciting way to promote team building and channel your abundant energy into action.

Rather than providing players with a complete list of items to find at the beginning of the gamification app, a scavenger hunt can be designed with a specific sequence, where each subsequent item leads to the clue for the next one.

With the advancement of technology, scavenger hunt games have evolved into online modes that retain the essence of the traditional approach while incorporating enhanced features. Teams or individuals can compete in timed online tournaments and create an enjoyable experience.

Tasks in a scavenger hunt can include locating artifacts, solving puzzles, and answering riddles. You have the flexibility to customize the scavenger hunts according to your specific team, location, and desired level of excitement.

If you're seeking a unique activity to engage your online team, scavenger hunt app is the perfect solution. Whether it's a weekly meeting, an online team-building activity, or any virtual gathering, these gamification apps/platforms can bring your hunt ideas to life. Let's explore the two most promising scavenger hunt apps in detail!

What Is PlayTours?

PlayTours is a highly sought-after application that simplifies the process of creating and conducting various scavenger hunts in any location. It provides a comprehensive range of functions that enable you to personalize and customize your hunt.

There are numerous compelling reasons to choose PlayTours as your go-to app. Its rapid processes, robust features, and enhanced flexibility are among its most notable attributes. Additionally, the app offers an unlimited free trial, which is an added bonus.

With PlayTours, even those new to the app can easily create outstanding scavenger hunt games without dealing with complicated codes. By prioritizing creativity, PlayTours allows users to have extensive fun designing their custom game with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the dedicated support team at PlayTours provides prompt system assistance within 24 hours.

You can conveniently manage the user base of your app by limiting the number of players and devices. This grants you better control over the participants and ensures a seamless game according to your plan.

PlayTours also enables you to monitor team performance and track their activities through the dashboard. Now, you can have a comprehensive overview of the entire setup and keep track of how many teams are participating in the hunt.

Whether you need team building activities, event gamification, self-guided tours, or scavenger hunts, PlayTours serves as a comprehensive solution for all these needs.

What’s even better is PlayTours offers multiple types of scavenger hunts that cater to diverse requirements. From photo scavenger hunts that suit digital environments to thrilling escape room scavenger hunts, this app has it all!

What Is Goosechase?

In these challenging times, many individuals have embraced remote work and virtual teams. However, it is crucial not to overlook the significance of maintaining corporate culture.

Goosechase has developed a virtual scavenger hunt specifically designed for remote employees, allowing for customizable conditions. By reaching out to the Goosechase team and inviting your players, you can easily get started. Anyone, regardless of their background, can join in on the fun by downloading the Goosechase app for iOS or Android.

If you're looking to have an enjoyable time with your team and create interactive experiences for your communities, Goosechase is a great solution. It caters to leaders, organizations, and educational institutions, enabling them to engage, mobilize, and enlighten their audiences through the Interactive Experiences Platform (IXP) provided by Goosechase.


Wrapping Up

In today's circumstances, it is more important than ever to engage your teams in activities that enhance problem-solving skills and foster team building, all in a fun way. Goosechase has a great app for engaging remote employees. PlayTours, a Goosechase alternative, offers the ability for a very high level of customization to suit any use case you may have.

Scavenger hunts provide an ideal starting point to shake off boredom and bring excitement to the table. While there are numerous platforms claiming to offer captivating scavenger games, only a handful truly deliver. PlayTours is one such app that consistently wins people's hearts and remains a top choice for professionals.

The PlayTours scavenger hunt app provides a range of valuable team-building tools, making it incredibly easy to assemble your team and have a great time. Additionally, team members can utilize the app to explore and develop unique skills that can benefit them in various aspects of life.

Overall, PlayTours stands out with its unlimited free trial, more affordable pricing, diverse task types, and innovative AI-driven features for generating engaging game content. These factors make PlayTours a preferred choice for creating exciting and personalized scavenger hunts.

Contact PlayTours today and take the first step towards a fresh approach to team building!

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