PlayTours Success Stories: Real-Life Experiences from Scavenger Hunt Organizers


We're excited to share with you some remarkable success stories from businesses that have harnessed the power of PlayTours for their events. These stories underscore the versatility and effectiveness of PlayTours in creating engaging gamified experiences. Let's dive into these inspiring tales:

1. Major eSports Organization Engages Die-Hard Fans

One major eSports organization faced the challenge of engaging die-hard fans from around the world during their event in Copenhagen, Denmark. They wanted to create booth games and explore the event space uniquely. PlayTours came to the rescue with its customizable interface, allowing the organization to brand their interface and reward fans with Game Completion Certificates. 

This event gamification approach not only enhanced the overall experience but also provided valuable insights into participant engagement through advanced features like statistics tracking such as the number of participants, the number of “dropouts” and the popularity of each mission.

Note: Client name and actual game screenshots redacted for confidentiality.

2. "Save The Children" Fosters Global Team Building

Save the Children, a global non-profit operating in over 100 countries, needed to foster team-building and collaboration among their staff scattered across different locations. They sought a team-building game that could be enjoyed simultaneously by both in-office in Singapore and virtual employees from across Asian branches. 

PlayTours brought an inclusive and engaging shared experience that transcended geographical barriers with its user-friendly platform to craft an interactive team-building experience. The game was accessible to participants from various locations with minimal technical setup - all that was needed was a smartphone or computer. 

3. Make-A-Wish Foundation's Memorable Fundraising Scavenger Hunt

The Make-A-Wish Foundation, dedicated to granting life-changing wishes to children facing critical illnesses, aimed to create an unforgettable fundraising event. Their "Walk For Wishes" event at the zoo needed an engaging and user-friendly platform to captivate attendees.

PlayTours, the best scavenger hunt app, stepped in, offering a seamless scavenger hunt experience. Attendees captured precious moments, answered trivia questions, and completed activities while exploring the zoo. PlayTours' user-friendly interface and innovative features simplified the event organization, allowing the focus to remain on the core mission—spreading hope and happiness.

4. Malaysia's Ministry of Health (MOH) Energizes Visitors

Malaysia's Ministry of Health (MOH) wanted to ensure that visitors to their "Bulan Malaysia Sihat Sejahtera" event explored the entire space. They aimed to reward visitors with a goodie bag upon visiting every location. Rather than using the traditional paper-and-stamp method, MOH opted for a more dynamic approach with PlayTours.

QR codes were strategically placed throughout the event space, creating a digital scavenger hunt. Visitors embarked on a digital scavenger hunt, scanning QR codes and following clues to find the next one. Once completed, a digital Completion Certificate appeared in the form of a QR code. All the staff at the goodie bag counter need to do is just scan the QR code, validate it, and hand over the goodie bag. How simple and easy!

In Conclusion

These success stories highlight PlayTours' adaptability and effectiveness in various event scenarios. Whether engaging event attendees, creating team building activities, or organizing scavenger hunts, PlayTours is a versatile platform for enhancing participant engagement and delivering unique experiences. If you're an event organizer looking for something new and to boost participant engagement, give PlayTours a try for free. Your success story could be the next one we share!

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