Guide to Setting Up PlayTours' Clan Points System

Today, PlayTours is introducing a new dimension to team-building and experiences with its Clan Points System, where teams contribute to a collective score within their 'clan'. This guide provides a straightforward approach to setting up and managing this system, enhancing the experience with a sense of community and collective achievement.

Benefits of the Clan Points System

  • Enhanced Player Engagement: By seeing their impact on the clan's progress, players feel more connected and motivated.
  • Real-Time Updates: The live leaderboard and dashboard ensure that both players and organizers stay updated with the game's dynamics.
  • Flexibility in Team Organization: The system offers various methods for team allocation to clans, catering to different organisational preferences.

Integrating Clans into Your Game

Access the 'UI Modifications' section in the game builder.

Enter the names of the clans you wish to create, separated by commas. This action sets the foundation for your clan-based game structure.

Team Assignment Options


Allow teams to choose their clan. Provide teams with the Game Code, and during registration, they can select their preferred clan.

Manual Assignment

For more controlled distribution, you can assign teams to specific clans. In the 'Teams' section, add teams and then associate them with a clan by editing the clans column. Consistency in clan name spelling is crucial for accurate grouping.

Monitoring and Engagement Features

Clan Leaderboard

A live leaderboard is accessible to teams through their mobile devices. This feature keeps players informed about their clan's standing and their contribution to the overall score.

Facilitator's Dashboard

As an organiser, you have access to the Facilitator's Dashboard. This tool provides real-time insights into the performance of different clans, displaying points and rankings. It serves as a comprehensive monitoring system for overseeing the game's progress.

The Clan Points System by PlayTours offers a unique way to organize and engage players in a communal gaming experience. By following these steps, you can easily incorporate this system into your gaming events, fostering a sense of unity and competition among participants.

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