PlayTours+AI: Auto-generate text and save 10 hours building your game


Building a scavenger hunt game can be a difficult task. Collecting the necessary information and creating puzzles that are both challenging and fun can be a challenge.

Additionally, the phrasing of the challenges and clues must be done in a way that is both clear and entertaining. It can be difficult to come up with creative and interesting phrases that will keep players engaged and excited. With PlayTours+AI, this major step is being taken care of.

In our latest update, you can now write your text in a simple and straightforward way. First, click on "generate/improve text with AI". Configure the tone, audience, language proficiency and language. Then, just write down whatever the players' need to do without worrying about how it sounds like, and click "Generate".

Once generated, you can edit the results before finally adding them into your text field.

That's it! If you need help, do email us at