New Task Types for Even More Engaging Games


As part of PlayTours ever growing list of task types, we have released 4 new task types:

1) Word search

2) Matching pairs

3) Scrambled phrase

4) Fill-in-the-blanks

5) Jigsaw

Word Search

Players have to search for words in a sea of random letters. The words that need to be searched can be shown or hidden, depending on the context of your game.

Matching Pairs

Match the left side with the right side. It can be text, images, or a mix of both.

Scrambled Phrase

Re-arrange words to form a phrase. Can also be used to jumble up one single word.


Players have to fill the blanks in with words or numbers.


Simply choose your favorite image and let PlayTours work their magic to create a jigsaw puzzle that will test your skills to the max! Solve it piece by piece and watch the complete image come together before your eyes!

We hope that these new features will help you create more engaging games for your players. If you have any questions, drop us an email at

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