Malaysia's MOH used PlayTours to energize visitors in their Bulan Malaysia Sihat Sejahtera event


Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The Opportunity

MOH wanted visitors to explore the entire event space to make sure that every visitor gets the full experience. In turn, they get a goodie bag for visiting every location.

Typically, event organizers use a paper-and-stamp method, where visitors are given a piece of paper to get stamped as they walk around the event space. However, visitors who do not end up completing the game end up throwing the paper away, and having volunteers ready to stamp hundreds of visitors' papers along the way can get frustrating for both volunteers and visitors.

The Rollout

QR codes were placed throughout the event space and visitors can access the browser-based application and start playing - no app installs are needed. They were then greeted with a branded event page with their logo and colours.

QR code hunt with automated clue reveal

Visitors have to go from one QR code to another QR code. They were given a clue to guess where the next QR code is to give a little challenge and a scavenger hunt feel to it. To prevent visitors from getting stuck if they cannot figure it out, they were given the answer after 3 minutes, something that is only possible with PlayTours.

Showing the event map

Within the game, the floorplan was provided, so that the visitors need not waste time looking for a physical map or using a printed brochure.

Completion certificates for goodie bag collection

Once they have scanned all the QR codes, a digital Completion Certificate in a form of a QR code appears. The staff at the goodie bag counter scans the QR code, validates it, and hands over the goodie bag. The same QR code will then be prevented from being scanned and validated again.

Translation from English to Malay

Translation from English to Malay

As the visitors are Malay-language-speaking, they wanted the app to be in the Malay language. To do that, they simply set this configuration in the game builder:


The PlayTours game software handled the hundreds of players who played throughout the day perfectly. With visitors moving across the event space throughout the day, each area throughout the event had its fair share of footfall. Distributing goodie bags was made a breeze, with no paper and stamps involved.

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