Main reasons why we should use mobile scavenger hunt for corporate team-building


Team-building is an important activity for any corporate organization. It helps employees to get along well with each other, learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses, and work together as a team. There are many different ways to conduct team-building exercises, but one of the most unique and fun methods is mobile scavenger hunts. We used to play scavenger hunts with just pen and paper. But, thanks to mobile technology, scavenger hunts can now be customized to fit your specific needs. In this blog post, we will discuss the main reasons why PlayTours mobile scavenger hunts make excellent team-building tools for corporates!

It's a scalable game

Regardless of the group size, you can set an unlimited amount of players and teams on the PlayTours platform. Paper and pen might be ok for a small group, but you will quickly jump into issues if you are designing a game for a larger group. With PlayTours mobile scavenger hunt, it will be easier for you to set up different types of tasks like asking each player to collect items digitally as text, images, and videos. They will see the tasks on their mobile, so you don't need to go around and explain each task anymore.

Monitor with Live leaderboard

All these players' answers will be stored and the points will be automatically calculated by PlayTours, which then will be shown on the Live Leaderboard, so it can save manpower and time. The most important part is that you can monitor the progress of each team and player with that Live leaderboard. This will help you to know if certain groups need extra guidance or support from your side, and it allows you to adjust your game plan accordingly in real time. Besides, you can also make players see the live leaderboard. It can be a great way to encourage teamwork because teams will be able to see their position against other teams. They will need to work together to stay in the lead and get motivated.

Send Automated Clues

So, in such cases certain groups need extra support, PlayTours has an advanced feature called timer-based clues to prevent them from getting frustrated. When they need clues and the task is almost due, clues will be shown automatically. Likewise, when the players attempt many times but fail, attempt-based clues will appear there to help them. You would not have this kind of automatic support if you just rely on pen and paper, only with PlayTours mobile scavenger hunt.

Send broadcast message to all teams

Normally, you would probably have to run around and inform each team if you have something to announce. That could drain your energy. With PlayTours mobile scavenger hunt broadcast feature, you can write any type of broadcast message, whether it can be reminder or cautions and send it to each team or all teams. Each team will see your announcement on their mobile phone. So, it is pretty convenient.

Choose from a variety of locations, items, and challenges that are appropriate for your team to create a personalized experience which is hard to do on your own. So if you're looking to increase team engagement and boost collaboration in your organization, try the PlayTours mobile scavenger hunt today! PlayTours team is always committed to building advanced features that will make a lasting impact.

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