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How to use the "Qrbarcode" type task

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

QR/barcode type tasks are tasks that require players to scan a correct QR or barcode.

Follow the steps below:

1) Create a "Qrbarcode" task:

2) Set a value as the answer. It can be any value.

Note: If it is a QR code that is already printed/exists, you will need to scan that QR using your mobile device to get its value, and paste that value as the answer. Usually, public QR codes are URLs. The URLs will be the value you paste, for example:

3) A standard/basic QR code will be generated. You can save this QR code as an image to be pasted at the location:

Note: You can also use external QR code generation software for more elaborate designs:

4) Player's experience:

If you have any questions, drop us an email at

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