How to use the "Object Recognition" type task


Elevate Your Scavenger Hunt with Object Recognition Tasks Using PlayTours!

In the world of event gamification, PlayTours continues to stand out with innovative features that take scavenger hunts to the next level. One such feature is "Object Recognition" tasks, which add a fascinating layer of engagement and interactivity to your scavenger hunts. These tasks challenge participants to submit photos containing specific objects, enhancing the thrill of the game and creating an immersive experience. Let's explore how you can incorporate this exciting feature into your scavenger hunts.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1) Identify the Object:

Start by determining the object you want participants to identify and capture in their photos. For instance, you might choose "Mobile phone" as the object.  it can be any mobile phone, not a specific mobile phone.

2) Generate Object Name:

Use Google's AI capabilities to generate the object's name. Upload an image of the chosen object to the Google AI site ( This will help you obtain the accurate name of the object for the recognition process.

3) Navigate to PlayTours Dashboard:

Access the PlayTours admin dashboard and proceed to the game builder section. This is where you'll be setting up your scavenger hunt tasks.

4) Create an Object Recognition Task:

Begin creating a new task and select the task type as "Object Recognition." This choice is vital for the integration of this engaging feature.

5) Craft the Mission Instructions:

In the text box, provide clear and concise instructions for the task. Clearly explain to participants that they need to capture an image containing the specified object. In this case, they should take a picture of "Mobile phone."

6) Key in the Object Name:

The heart of the Object Recognition task lies in the accurate naming of the object. Enter "Mobile phone" as the correct answer. This is the object participants should capture in their photos.

7) Save and Implement:

Once you've completed the task setup, click "Done" to save your changes. The Object Recognition task is now integrated into your scavenger hunt.

Benefits of Object Recognition Tasks:

  • Engaging Interaction: Participants become actively involved as they hunt for specific objects, adding an interactive layer to the game.
  • Enhanced Challenge: Object Recognition tasks require participants to observe their surroundings keenly, enhancing the challenge and excitement.
  • Immersive Gameplay: The feature immerses participants in the scavenger hunt's theme, making them feel like true adventurers.
  • Variety in Tasks: Introduce a diverse range of tasks within your scavenger hunt, appealing to different interests and skills.


Object Recognition tasks are a remarkable addition to your scavenger hunt toolkit. By allowing participants to capture specific objects through photos, you're transforming the way they engage with the game. With PlayTours' easy-to-use platform, integrating these tasks is a seamless process that results in heightened engagement and an unforgettable scavenger hunt experience. Try out Object Recognition tasks and discover the joy of combining technology and adventure in your event gamification endeavors.

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