How to upload your own videos for players to see


"Enhance Your Scavenger Hunt Experience with PlayTours' YouTube Video Integration"
PlayTours continues to evolve to bring you the best in event gamification and scavenger hunt experiences. One of the latest features that PlayTours offers is the seamless embedding of YouTube videos. This feature elevates the engagement level of your scavenger hunt by allowing you to incorporate informative, instructional, or entertaining videos right into the game. Let's dive into how you can utilize this feature to create an even more immersive and engaging scavenger hunt experience.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1) Create a YouTube Account

To get started, you'll need a YouTube account. If you don't have one already, creating an account is simple and free.

2) Upload Your Video

After your YouTube account is set up, upload the video that you want to integrate into your scavenger hunt. Ensure the video is in line with your scavenger hunt's theme and purpose.

3) Set the Video Privacy

To keep your video exclusive to your scavenger hunt, make sure to set the video as "Unlisted." This way, it won't appear in search results or on your YouTube channel.

4) Copy the Video ID

Every YouTube video has a unique identifier known as the Video ID. You can find this in the video's URL after "watch?v=".

5) Integrate with PlayTours

Head over to the PlayTours admin dashboard and navigate to the game builder section. When creating or editing a task, look for the "Add YouTube" option within the task text. Paste the Video ID into the respective input box. This will create a seamless connection between your scavenger hunt task and the YouTube video.

6) Save Changes

Once you've added the Video ID, simply click "Done" and save your changes. With this step, you've successfully integrated a YouTube video into your scavenger hunt task.

Benefits of YouTube Video Integration

  • Visual Clarity: Complex instructions or explanations can be better communicated through videos.
  • Engagement: Videos add a dynamic and interactive element to your scavenger hunt, keeping participants engaged.
  • Enhanced Experience: Participants can access additional information, hints, or clues that enrich their experience.
  • Instructional Content: Use videos for tutorial segments, introductions, or to provide context to specific tasks.
  • Entertainment: Incorporate entertaining videos that align with the theme of your scavenger hunt to add an element of fun.


PlayTours' YouTube video integration feature offers a valuable tool to make your scavenger hunts more engaging, informative, and enjoyable. By seamlessly incorporating videos into your tasks, you can provide clearer instructions, enhance the overall experience, and create a scavenger hunt that participants will remember long after it's over. Try out this feature and discover how it can elevate your scavenger hunt to new heights of excitement and engagement.

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