How to Make the Most of PlayTours "Task Categories" and "Hide Next Task" Features


This tutorial will show you how to effectively use PlayTours' helpful features: "Task Categories" and "Hide Next Task". These features are designed to enhance your team-building games experience by providing organization and flexibility.

Task Categories

To allow players to choose which tasks to do first on their own, you should put all the tasks into 1 single chapter, and ensure that "Must complete tasks in order" is disabled.

But there could be too many tasks in a single chapter, and this is where Task Categories come into play. Go into a task and click on "Access & Visiblity" and type in a Task Category. All other tasks with the same category will be grouped together, and not every task need task categories; they will appear in the "Show all" section.

Now, players can click on each category to filter them out.

Hide Next Task Feature

You might want to hide certain tasks until they complete a specific task. To do so, put the hidden task, say Task B, immediately after a task, say Task A.

In Task on a task, go to "Access & Visiblity" and enabled "Hide next task unless this task is completed". You can also enable "Open next task upon completion" to move players to the next task automatically.

Players will now see only Task A, and they can only access Task B after completing it.

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