How To Build a Photo Scavenger Hunt With PlayTours


Photo scavenger hunts are always a great option to inject excitement and camaraderie into team-building activities, parties, or events. Thanks to modern technology, creating a photo scavenger hunt has never been easier, and the PlayTours app is here to take the experience to a whole new level. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of building a captivating photo scavenger hunt using the PlayTours app. Get ready to immerse your participants in an unforgettable adventure filled with creativity, competition, and laughter!

Summary of Steps:

  1. Choosing Photo Scavenger Hunt Task Type
  2. Setting Up The Mission Details 
  3. Accept/Reject Submissions as Organizer
  4. Presentation Mode
  5. Privacy

Choosing Photo Scavenger Hunt Task Type

As the Facilitator, you'll have access to the PlayTours admin account on the web, where you can craft your customized missions. In the game builder, simply click on "Add Tasks" and choose from four exciting task types tailored for photo scavenger hunts:

Image: Players upload or snap a photo, and all answers are marked as correct.

Image Share: Players upload or snap a photo, all answers are marked as correct, and the image is shared with everyone in the session.

Judged Image: Players upload or snap a photo, but the facilitator must validate the answer before marking it correct.

Judged Image AI: Players upload or snap a photo, and an AI prompt checks if it fits a specific description.

Video: Players upload or snap a video, and all answers are marked as correct.

Judged Video: Players upload or snap a photo, but the facilitator must validate the answer before marking it correct.

Audio: Players record and upload audio, and all answers are marked as correct.

Judged Audio: Players record and upload audio, but the facilitator must validate the answer before marking it correct.

Furthermore, PlayTours also allows you to create thrilling video scavenger hunts, with a generous limit of 140MB for video uploads. Players can upload and share their videos with others in the session or have them judged by the facilitator.

Setting Up The Mission Details 

Once you've selected the Photo Scavenger Hunt Task Type that best suits your game, you can proceed to give the mission a catchy name and determine the score it carries.

Additionally, you can set the specific location where players need to complete the task by making it “Location-based”. Now comes the creative part - writing the mission instructions. This is where you can let your imagination run wild and come up with fun and challenging tasks for the participants. 

In the Chapter section of PlayTours, event organizers can create different tasks for the players to tackle. Organizers can choose to either have the tasks be completed in order from top to bottom, or have the teams decide which task to first complete. Additionally, you can also shuffle the tasks to encourage a more spread-out activity between teams.

Depending on the Photo Scavenger Hunt Task Type you've chosen, you may need to specify the accepted answer criteria. For instance, if you opt for the judged image type powered by AI, you'll need to provide a detailed description of what the image should look like. 

On the other hand, if you choose the judged image type with a human facilitator, the facilitator will have access to view and judge the submitted photos or videos. This flexibility in setting up the photo missions ensures that your scavenger hunt is tailored precisely to your vision. 

Accept/Reject Submissions as Organizer

Once players submit their photos or videos, the facilitator can easily view all the images and videos in the gallery section of the facilitator dashboard. From here, they can efficiently manage the scavenger hunt by viewing the live leaderboard, addressing player queries, and validating answers such as judging submitted images.

Players also have access to their submitted images and videos in their phone's gallery, keeping them engaged and updated throughout the photo scavenger hunt.

Presentation Mode

At the end of the photo scavenger hunt game, facilitators will have the exciting opportunity to showcase these captivating images to all participants on a grand scale, akin to projecting them on a big screen.

How to get access? Within the admin dashboard, you'll find a section named "Gallery." With a simple click on the "open gallery exhibit" button, a mesmerizing spectacle unfolds before your eyes - a leaderboard with the images they submitted, names of winners and the comprehensive scores list, all presented in a visually captivating manner. As they witness their creative endeavors and adventures displayed on the big screen, the excitement and enthusiasm reach new heights, making the photo scavenger hunt even more memorable and enjoyable.

PlayTours Value Privacy 

We understand the importance of privacy, and that's why PlayTours ensures that all uploaded videos and images are automatically deleted after a certain time following the game's conclusion. This feature guarantees that participants' personal content is protected, and they can enjoy the scavenger hunt without any worries.


With a user-friendly interface, exciting task types, and privacy-focused features, PlayTours empowers organizers and team-building companies to craft a memorable and engaging scavenger hunt. So, dive into the world of creative team-building and unforgettable adventures by creating your photo scavenger hunt with the PlayTours app today! Remember, if you need any assistance, our Solutions Team is always ready to support you. Book a free, 30-minute virtual meeting and let's make your scavenger hunt a roaring success! Get started now by creating your PlayTours creator's account, which takes less than 30 seconds and requires no credit cards. Try for free - and unleash the power of PlayTours for your next thrilling photo scavenger hunt!

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