How to add crosswords, word search, jigsaw puzzles and more


Updated: Feb 20

Some tasks require more elaborate puzzles, and with PlayTours, you can embed any embeddable puzzles from the Internet.

Let's see how to do it.

1) Create a puzzle - we recommend Puzzel

Note: we are not affiliated or sponsored.

You will need to get at least the "Supporter" tier to embed it directly on PlayTours.

Many kinds of puzzles

Relatively affordable pricing

2) After you create a puzzle, go to the Premium tab and add a completion message with a code. This code will be used by your players later.

3) Go to the "Publish" tab and click on "Add to my website". You will see a "Copied!".

4) Create a task and select the "Text" task type.

5) Embed the copied code into the Task Text.

That's all! If you prefer to use free tools, continue reading.

You can also use free alternatives such as Crossword Labs.

Copy and paste the Embed Code onto PlayTours.

Since there are no codes that can be added to a completion screen, you can ask other questions to confirm that they have completed the puzzle. For example, in this case, you can ask the following:

That's it! If you need help, do email us at