How the St Andrews and All Saints Churches Used PlayTours for an Exceptional Treasure Hunt + Self-Guided Tour


The Malvern Easter Treasure Hunt was a massive success with over 150 participants from 50 different teams. The event was powered by PlayTours, a browser-based software that facilitated a self-guided tour experience. Participants were tasked with completing challenges that invoked reflection on the Easter story and its significance. 

Create Complex Yet Fun Self-Guided Tours

PlayTours has more than 25 task types that can keep players engaged while creating complex yet fun self-guided tours. One of its fantastic advantages is that players don't need to install any applications to play games, running them entirely on their browsers.

Plus, the PlayTours game builder is designed to make game-building user-friendly, even for games that has a high level of complexity and game logic.

With so many different types of tasks and a very customisable user interface, the treasure hunt created a fantastic, engaging, and immersive experience for participants. Players have to follow video clues, answer questions, and solve puzzles, increasing participant interaction with the Easter story.

Minimising Barriers to Entry with the Browser-Based Software

The Malvern Easter Treasure Hunt was accessible to everyone, as the browser-based software minimizes some of the common barriers to entry for self-guided tours. Anyone with basic internet access and a smart phone can play.

Expanding to Other Fields

PlayTours has other possibilities in other areas such as museum and city tour applications. Museums can build virtual tours aided by software to guide participants through exhibits and provide stories behind artwork and artifacts. Additionally, cities can leverage the software to develop tours that guide users to different locations while solving puzzles and answering questions. 

Feedback by Players

“A lovely way of learning about Easter and exploring Malvern! Fab Activity!”

“Such a wonderful adventure. We loved it!”

“Henry (4) enjoyed it and learned a lot- it was interesting to discuss with him and he seemed to really understand how to empathize with Jesus on that journey. It did lead to some interesting conversations about death. He hoped that Jesus would meet some friends along the way.”

The Malvern Easter Treasure Hunt serves as an excellent example of how PlayTours can be used to create a seamless self-guided tour that keeps participants engaged. With powerful features like a no-installation app, user-friendliness, and over 25 task types, the software is perfect for anyone who wants to create a unique and captivating self-guided tour experience. By using PlayTours, museums, and cities can create engaging tours that resonate with their audiences, providing a unique and immersive experience.

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