How PlayTours Scavenger Hunt App Makes Team Building Effortless and Exciting with the Power of AI!


With its powerful new AI features, PlayTours makes team building effortless and exciting, allowing you to create memorable experiences for your team. In this blog, we will explore two new innovative AI features of PlayTours: PlayTours+AI and AI Chatbot, and how they revolutionize the way you design and manage your team-building scavenger hunts.

PlayTours+AI: Auto-Generate Text for an Engaging Game

Building a captivating scavenger hunt game requires creative and engaging text prompts that keep your players hooked. With PlayTours+AI, you can now save hours of brainstorming and writing by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. Simply click on "generate/improve text with AI" within the app, and let our AI-powered tool do the hard work for you. 

Configure the tone, audience, language proficiency, and language preferences, and watch as the tool generates high-quality text that aligns perfectly with your game's objectives.

You can edit the generated results before adding them to your text fields, giving you the flexibility to customize the game according to your preferences.

AI Chatbot: Instant Answers at Your Fingertips

We understand that while you are creating team-building missions on an app, you might get lost and do not know where to start especially when you are not familiar with the app. You might have various queries and require timely assistance. That's why PlayTours introduces AI Chatbot, your virtual assistant that is always ready to help. 

With our AI-powered FAQ chatbot, you can simply ask your questions, and it will provide lightning-fast responses. Whether it's queries about app features, how-to guide, game rules, or troubleshooting, our chatbot has got you covered. It's incredibly convenient and user-friendly, ensuring hassle-free access to the information you need.

The AI Chatbot acts as a reliable companion throughout the planning team-building activities, providing real-time support and enhancing the overall experience for both organizers and participants.

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