Guide To Creating Your Very Own Virtual Space in PlayTours


Virtual Spaces in PlayTours is a 3D space that players can move around and discover items. It increases the engagement level of your game multifold, giving a level of excitement not found in simple, point-and-click escape rooms.

Summary of steps:

1) Create equirectangular images of the 3D spaces.
2) Enable Virtual Space in a chapter.
3) Upload “Scenes”.
4) Configure “Adjacent Scenes”.
5) Configure discoverable items.

Create equirectangular images of the 3D spaces

Equirectangular images are 360 photos that are flattened onto a rectangular projection. Most 360 degree camera software can easily export their images in this format.

Alternatively, if you are building a computer-generated room, you can inform the designer or use the appropriate software to export it to the equirectangular format.

Enable Virtual Space in a chapter

Within a specific chapter, set “Has Virtual Space” to “Yes”. A “Scenes” field will appear below.

Upload “Scenes”

a) Upload all the equirectangular images on the Add Files page.
b) Set the “Name” and “Image URL” of the scene, and click “+ Add Scene” for all the other scenes.

Configure “Adjacent Scenes”

Adjacent scenes are scenes that players can move to from the current scene. For example, if the Living Room has Bedroom and Kitchen beside it, then:

Scene: Living Room
Adjacent Scene 1: Bedroom
Adjacent Scene 2: Kitchen

a) For a specific scene, click “+ Add adjacent scene / item”.

b) Set the “Name” to exactly the scene’s name. It cannot be different from an existing scene.
c) Set the “X-Y Coordinates” using the “Open selector” button. A pop-up will appear where you can move the view and select where the scene should be.

d) Move the view around, click “Set”, then “Confirm”

Configure discoverable items

There could be items that players can discover in the virtual spaces. It could be a book on the floor, or looking into a cupboard, or perhaps having to zoom into a display on the wall.

a) For a specific scene, click “+ Add adjacent scene / item”.

b) Set the “Name”, “X-Y Coordinates” and “Image URL” accordingly.

c) Use the Preview Virtual Space.

Items are marked with a magnifying glass instead of an arrow
Players can click on the magnifying glass icon to view the uploaded image

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