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PlayTours is one of the most popular scavenger hunt apps in the global market. For corporate team building, events, and corporate activities, PlayTours is a customisable, brand-able, flexible yet easy-to-build scavenger hunt app. Now, we’re teaming up with some of the best minds in the world of talented authors, freelance writers, and bloggers who can write scavenger hunt or team-building-related articles. Writers with previous experience organizing or participating in a PlayTours game, who can write PlayTours featured articles are more than welcome.

Why Write For Us

By partnering together, we want to showcase your ideas and suggestions on how to gamify events, team-building activities, scavenger hunt ideas, etc. to the event organizers, HR, managers from corporates, party hosters, and family members.


By showcasing your article, you can promote your website, brand, and reputable image as we give you full credit by mentioning your name, company name, about yourself, and link to your profile respectively, at the end of your blog.

With that in mind, here are some topics and guidelines.

Our Audience Will Love These Topics In General

Scavenger Hunt Topics

How to create a scavenger hunt

Top tips for building scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt Idea

Why we should use the mobile scavenger hunt

Review of Scavenger Hunt Apps in the market(PlayTours must be included)

Team-building Topic

Party Game Ideas

Using PlayTours as a team-building tool

Team-building Activities

How to enhance corporate team-bonding

Event Gamification Topic

Event management, planning, and logistics

How to gamify events with PlayTours

Using PlayTours to increase engagement at conference/trade show

Why event gamification is important

Benefits of event gamification

Self-guided Tour Topic

Tourism, tour planning and organizing trips

Why self-guided tour could be the future

How to create a self-guided tour

How PlayTours self-guided tour can help you in planning tours

Campus Tour using PlayTours

Escape Room and Amazing Race Topic

Amazing race missions ideas

How to create a fun amazing race for your team

Complete guide to making a virtual escape room with PlayTours

Virtual team-building activities for remote teams

Guest Blog Guidelines

Subject areas should be only related to the topics we mentioned above.

The article must be exclusive to us, and should not be published on other websites.

We reserve the right to edit the original document when necessary.

Plagiarism must be under 10%.

Word count must be at least 500 words.

You can include market research and data with proper references.

You can attach royalty-free images to the blog.

No abusive, bad words.

You need to provide the original full documents (To check copyrights).

Acceptable language- English only.

If you are interested in submitting guest blogs to us, please send your blog or any inquiry to We will review your blogs and get back.

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