Full User Guide of Actionbound Scavenger Hunt app with Screenshots and FAQ


Actionbound is a basic scavenger hunt app that allows users to design and play customized "Bounds" using interactive elements. With its simple user interface and features, Actionbound transforms ordinary outings into thrilling adventures for participants uniquely and interactively. If you're curious about how to make the most of this app, here's a guide to Actionbound.

1) Getting Started and Creating Bound

Creating a Bound in Actionbound is a straightforward process. Go to Actionbound. Click on “Sign Up” and create an account. You can choose from various plans based on your needs, including free options for individuals and educational institutions.

After signing up, log in to your account. Click on “Create a Bound” on your dashboard. Give your bound a unique name that reflects its theme or purpose. You can also choose PlayMode “only for single player or multiplayer” and also stages of sequences whether “fixed” or selectable.”

1. Customization & Branding

There’s not too much for customization and branding. You can adjust some basic settings a little but for branding, there are no options. You can change some advanced settings such as Bound characteristics, Sequence of stages, and Map style.

2. Designing Your Bound

Click on “Add Element” and choose what content you want to add from options like quizzes, missions, photo/video challenges, GPS-based tasks, QR code scans, and more. 

Include the information you want to add about your Bound; this can be instruction for the Bound or just an intro.

3. Type Of Challenges

Quizzes: There are very few options to choose as a task type. Quizzes, for example, You can only choose the answer type.

You can adjust as you prefer in the setting for that quiz, such as how many attempts you want to give players to try, and also add the time limit for each quiz. 

Mission: Mission types are limited to text, photo/video, and audio answers. 

GPS Challenges: For GPS-based challenges, click on the “Find spot,” write the mission direction, and then add the place in the coordinates. For GPS settings, you can adjust whether you want to show directions or a map. 


Others: Scan Code, Survey, and Tournament are other submission types available.

2) Test Your Bound 

Preview Your Bound: Before launching, test your Bound. Ensure that all elements work as intended and that the flow is smooth.

Make Adjustments: Based on your testing, tweak tasks, adjust timings, and refine the overall experience to ensure it’s engaging and error-free.

3) Joining Bound

As players, you need to download the app to play the game. Search from the Play Store and download the app. Then you can join the  Bound in two ways: by scanning a QR code, or by searching for public Bounds nearby. 

Scan a QR Code: Use the "Scan QR Code" feature in the app to scan the QR code provided by the Bound creator.

Search for Public Bounds: Tap on "Search" in the app to find public Bounds near your location. 

4) Monitoring Result

On the results page, you'll see a summary table with all normal and test runs of your Bound. It shows the total number of completed runs, number of players, date of the last play, average playing time, and average score.

But, live results of players during the game are not available. You can only view the results of your Bound after players have completed it and uploaded their results to the Actionbound servers.

5) Pricing Plan

Actionbound offers three plans tailored to different types of users:

  1. For Professional Use
    • Ideal for team-building events, presentations, training sessions, company tours, and more.
    • Users can choose the Pro License, which includes plans specifically designed for professional needs.
  1. For Educational Use
    • Perfect for campus tours, school trips, museum tours, library rallies, and other educational activities.
    • Users can opt for the EDU License, which offers discounted pricing for educational institutions.
  1. For Personal Use
    • Suitable for individuals who want to create and participate in personal scavenger hunts and similar activities.

6) Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What do you need to play a Bound?

You need an Actionbound app. You can install the Actionbound app on a mobile device. The app is free for iOS and Android.

(2) Do you need an internet connection to play a Bound?

You need a connection to download the Bound's content before starting and to upload results after finishing. During gameplay, no connection is needed if all content is preloaded. However external content like YouTube videos cannot be preloaded.

(3) Can you play a Bound on a PC, laptop, or Windows tablet?

No. Bounds can only be played using the Actionbound app on iOS and Android devices.


If you are someone who wants simplicity and straightforwardness, Actionbound is a suitable scavenger hunt app for you. It offers an easy-to-use platform for creating and participating in interactive adventures without the complexity of more advanced tools. However, if you're looking for a more interactive and exciting experience, this might not be the right choice. Additionally, it is not suitable for dispersed workforces. 

If you prefer an advanced scavenger hunt app experience with a large group of people, a scavenger hunt app like PlayTours is the ideal choice. It offers a wide variety of interactive task types, customization options that can personalize your brand, and also real-time update features. You can even check out all features fully with the free trial here - https://bit.ly/4bXWu1H

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