Escape Rooms in Singapore [Updated for 2023!]


Escape rooms are a thrilling pastime for all ages! Challenge yourself and your friends to think creatively and work together to solve puzzles and riddles. It's perfect for corporate bonding activities, escape rooms promote team building and problem solving skills. Get out of the office and have some fun while learning and growing as a team!

We have compiled the escape rooms in Singapore to make it easy for you to decide on your next escape room gathering.

Escape Rooms

Each escape room operator focuses on different themes that may or may not be suitable for your group. Do check out each of their websites to see their ever-revolving room selection as it changes seasonally.

Captivate -


The Escape Artist -


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In recent years, the number of escape rooms in Singapore has dwindled to a select few locations. This is due to a combination of factors, such as the rising cost of rent and the difficulty of finding suitable locations.

Support them to ensure that they can continue to provide a fun and unique experience for people. Additionally, people can also support the escape rooms by leaving positive reviews online and by recommending them to others.


Prices are typically averaging at SGD 24 for off-peak and SGD 29 for peak periods per pax.

Captivate - SGD 24 Off-Peak (Weekdays) | SGD 30 Peak

LOST SG - SGD 21.9 Off-Peak (Weekdays 11-5.30pm) | SGD 27.9 Peak

The Escape Artist - SGD 22 Off-Peak (Weekdays) | SGD 28 Peak

*TRAPPED SG - SGD 23.9 Off-Peak (Weekdays 11-6pm) | SGD 29.9 Peak

*Xcape - SGD 24 Off-Peak (Weekdays before 7pm) | SGD 30 Peak

*Slight differences in pricing depending on whether you choose a 60 or 75 minute game.

Minimum and maximum players per room

Although some rooms can fit more than 6 people, we recommend that you keep the number of pax to a limit of about 4. Having too many players will dilute the experience for each players as each puzzle or challenge in the escape room can only be properly accessed by a few people at a time.

Captivate - Min: 2 Max: 12

LOST SG - Min: 2 Max: 10

The Escape Artist - Min: 2 Max: 6

TRAPPED SG - Min: 3 Max: 12

Xcape - Min: 3 Max: 7-8 depending on room

Apart from physical escape rooms, there are increasingly more escape room operators that have started to provide escape experiences using public spaces, such as shopping malls, public parks and city streets.

Look out for our next compilation of outdoor escape room experiences in Singapore!

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