Creative Icebreaker Games For Business Networking Events


Networking events can sometimes feel awkward, but they don't have to be! Adding some playful energy to your networking event with creative icebreaker games can make all the difference. Whether you're hosting a conference, seminar, or casual meetup, here are some fun ideas to break the ice and get conversations flowing.

1. Storyline Photo Scavenger Hunt 

You might wonder how a photo scavenger hunt can enhance your event, but in today's world, storytelling through images is a popular way for people to interact. One good photo scavenger hunt idea can make your event more engaging and fun and can be a good boost for your event to go viral. It's a must-have icebreaker that nobody will want to miss.


2. Video scavenger hunt

A video scavenger hunt can be a lifesaver for your event, especially for those who prefer not to stand up alone and introduce themselves. By challenging attendees to introduce themselves through video, you create a fun and inclusive way for everyone to participate, even introverts who may feel shy about speaking in front of a crowd. It's a game-changer for making sure everyone feels welcome and engaged at your event.


3. Find Your Match

It's like a grown-up version of hide and seek, but you're hunting for new networking connections instead of hiding. With the help of a digital tool like the free scavenger hunt app PlayTours, you can easily create puzzles for participants. As attendees arrive at your event, they'll receive puzzle pieces. Throughout the evening, the challenge is to find their perfect match amidst the crowd. It's a simple and fun way to encourage networking and meet new people at your event.

4. Business Card Hunt

This is a cool way to make your business networking event more memorable. By creating a list of characteristics or professions for attendees to find matches, it breaks the ice and facilitates organic networking opportunities. This ensures that everyone leaves with valuable contacts and a lasting impression of the event's effectiveness.

5. Personal Trivia

Personal Trivia is a fun way to facilitate networking for participants. Everyone writes down something interesting about themselves on a sticky note and sticks it on a board. Then, people can read the notes and ask questions to learn more about each other. It's a simple but effective way to get conversations flowing and help everyone connect better, like the team building scavenger hunt.


6. Contact Exchange

This is the ultimate icebreaker to turn your snooze-worthy networking event into a party you'll never forget! It's a game where connections are made, business cards are swapped, and networking becomes a whole lot more fun. So, whether you're trading LinkedIn profiles or professional email addresses, make memories that'll last longer than that awkward handshake.


7. Fun Facts Bingo

Fan Facts Bingo is a super fun way to jazz up your business networking event! Just imagine bingo cards filled with interesting facts about each person. You'll learn all sorts of cool stuff about your fellow attendees, from industry insights to random trivia. It's like regular bingo, but way more interesting!


8. Storytime Swap

Participants are encouraged to pair up and share a brief, captivating story from their personal or professional life. Following the storytelling session, each individual introduces their partner to the group, sharing the story they've just heard. It's a fantastic way to spark conversations and create a memorable networking experience for everyone involved.

9. The Great Debate

Participants are presented with light-hearted debate topics, such as the "pineapple on pizza: yay or nay," and are invited to express their opinions playfully and humorously. By sparking laughter, this activity sparks meaningful interactions that pave the way for genuine networking connections.


10. Dream Job Sharing

Have participants share their dream job and why they're passionate about it. By sharing what drives their passion for their dream job, attendees gain insight into each other's motivations and aspirations. This activity serves as a lighthearted yet meaningful way to bond with colleagues and forge connections based on shared ambitions and interests.


By breaking down barriers and encouraging participation, these icebreakers create an inclusive and engaging atmosphere where connections can thrive. So, next time you're planning a networking event, consider incorporating these creative icebreakers to make it truly unforgettable. Don't forget to take the help of the best scavenger hunt app, PlayTours, to create icebreaker games and all kinds of scavenger hunts, including photo and video challenges, to further enhance your event experience. Register now at and try the unlimited free trial to see how PlayTours can take your networking event to the next level!

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