Cost-Saving Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Corporate Team Building


If you're considering breaking away from the everyday office setup, an outdoor scavenger hunt would be a delightful and innovative idea. Given that it's for corporate team building involving a large number of people, budget is certainly a concern HR must consider. To address these challenges, we've offered budget-friendly and cost-saving outside scavenger hunt ideas tailored for corporate team building. Let's see together!


1. QR Code Scavenger Hunt

First, use a digital scavenger hunt app like PlayTours app to create clues or challenges that participants will need to solve. With PlayTours, you can easily generate QR codes and scan them within the app, without additional apps. Once you've created your challenges, hide the QR codes in various locations around the outdoor space, ensuring they are easily accessible for scanning. By using PlayTours app, you can reduce costs associated with other apps and also minimize the workload for creating and managing multiple platforms. 

QR Code scavenger hunt

2. City Scavenger Hunt

How about exploring your city differently? A city scavenger hunt can give you another perspective of the town you live in, and these memories with work colleagues will always be reminded every time they see the place where they completed the challenges together. Absolutely! This hunt will indeed serve as a new and innovative approach to corporate team building.

Corporate team building

3. Outside Photo Scavenger Hunt

One of the best ideas for an outdoor scavenger hunt is here! This hunt allows you to explore stunning outdoor scenery and immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world while completing a series of creative photo challenges. With the user-friendly PlayTours photo scavenger hunt app, participants can effortlessly capture captivating images and videos without the need for additional cameras or third-party apps. It will save you a lot of costs and let you enjoy nature without worry.

outside photo scavenger hunt


4. Geocaching Adventure

Determine the hiding spots for your geocaches and fill them with clues or treasures. Participants can use the best scavenger hunt app PlayTours to navigate to geocaching locations, receive clues or hints, and log their findings directly within the app. PlayTours can also provide a platform for creating and sharing geocaching routes with its GPS features, allowing users to explore and discover hidden treasures in their surroundings. With its user-friendly interface and GPS capabilities, the PlayTours app offers an engaging and convenient way to incorporate geocaching into team-building activities as best outdoor adventures.



5. Team Spirit Hunt

Encourage team unity and spirit by organizing a team spirit scavenger hunt. Assign teams specific tasks or challenges that require collaboration and creativity. Challenges may include creating team chants or cheers, designing team flags or banners, or completing team-building activities. Encourage teams to showcase their spirit and creativity throughout the hunt.

budget friendly corporate team building


6. Picnic Treasure Hunt

Create a treasure map or set of clues that lead participants to hidden treats or prizes around the picnic area. Hide the treats in various locations, such as under picnic blankets, behind trees, or inside picnic baskets. If you use the PlayTours GPS scavenger hunt app, you don't need to create another map; simply utilize the GPS features as a digital map to provide participants with the treasure or clues. What an easy way!

corporate treasure hunt at park


7. Clean-Up Scavenger Hunt

Combine team building with community service by organizing a clean-up scavenger hunt. Provide participants with gloves, trash bags, and litter pickers, and assign them specific areas to clean up. Create a list of items to collect or tasks to complete during the clean-up, such as collecting recyclables, picking up litter, or planting flowers.

environmental cleaning


8. Word Search Adventure

Challenge participants' creativity and critical thinking skills with a word Search adventure. Provide teams with a starting word and a list of associated words or objects they need to find. For example, if the starting word is "tree," teams may need to find objects such as leaves, branches, or bark. Hide the associated objects in various locations around the outdoor space, and let teams race to find them.

corporate team building

9. Scavenger Bingo

Put a twist on the classic game of bingo with a scavenger bingo hunt. Create bingo cards filled with various items or challenges for participants to find or complete. For example, squares may include tasks such as "find a red flower," "take a selfie with a statue," or "perform a random act of kindness." The first team to complete a row or column on their bingo card wins a prize.

corporate scavenger hunt


10. Park Puzzle Hunt

Exercise participants' minds and bodies with a park puzzle hunt. Create a series of puzzles, riddles, or challenges that teams need to solve or complete to uncover the next clue. Scatter the clues throughout the park, making sure they are well-hidden but accessible. Participants will need to work together to solve the puzzles and navigate through the park to reach the final destination.

teambuilding scavenger hunt at park



Last but not least, it's essential to consider prizes for the winning team. Consider awarding winners with creative and low-cost prize ideas such as personalized certificates, team trophies, or fun office supplies. These low-cost rewards can still effectively motivate teams to give their best shot during the scavenger hunt, fostering camaraderie and encouraging continued teamwork.

With these creative ideas, thoughtful planning, and the help of the PlayTours scavenger hunt app, your corporate outdoor team building is sure to be a fantastic opportunity for team bonding without overspending. Check out PlayTours app and try your unlimited free trial -

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