Case Study - The Great Malvern Easter Treasure Hunt


St. Andrew's & All Saints, the driving force behind The Great Malvern Easter Treasure Hunt, seeks to bring the Easter story to life in an engaging and accessible way for the Christian community. 


The Great Malvern Easter Treasure Hunt is an interactive, digital scavenger hunt around Malvern that is designed to engage participants in the Easter story. Participants, whether individuals, families, or friends, embark on a journey through various locations in Malvern and on the hills. The primary goal is to create an inclusive and enjoyable experience that fosters reflection on the significance of Easter. By designing a treasure hunt, they aim to provide a unique avenue for participants to connect with the story, encourage community involvement, and spark interest in further exploration of the Easter narrative.

The treasure hunt was crafted in collaboration with PlayTours digital scavenger hunt app, a platform that creates interactive, web-based experiences. By leveraging PlayTours custom scavenger hunt app, St. Andrew's & All Saints ensured that the treasure hunt is seamlessly integrated with technology while maintaining a user-friendly and enjoyable experience. PlayTours app provided technical support as a digital tool, allowing participants to access clues and information easily on their phones.



Developing The Great Malvern Easter Treasure Hunt presented challenges in creating a smooth, location-based experience across different areas of Malvern, incorporating storytelling elements, and addressing logistical concerns. The organizers aimed to design the game to ensure an enjoyable experience for participants of all ages. With points situated at a considerable distance to encourage exploration around Malvern, a robust GPS-based system became a necessity for accurate coverage.

For participants who are unable to visit certain locations, they need a flexible system allowing tasks to be skipped or split the hunt over several days and can ensure inclusivity. Balancing this inclusivity with a mobile-friendly interface, multimedia functions, and varied tasks became a central challenge, highlighting their commitment to delivering an immersive and accessible Easter adventure for participants of diverse backgrounds and abilities.


The Great Malvern Easter Treasure Hunt came to contact PlayTours to plan this whole easter-themed treasure hunt. With the help of PlayTours scavenger hunt app, organizers designed distinct chapters for specific locations, where participants would engage in quizzes related to the Easter story. Each chapter featured tasks encouraging participants to share their reflections on the story, fostering a deeper connection with the narrative. The organizers made a trailer - the Great Malvern Easter Treasure Hunt Trailer on their YouTube channel to explain to participants. Additionally, on PlayTours platform, they added videos summarizing the story, attached at the end of each quiz to enhance the overall storytelling experience, offering context and understanding. The missions are intentionally designed to create a strong emotional connection between participants and the narrative, enriching their overall experience during the Easter Treasure Hunt.

The PlayTours app's GPS features played an important role in this adventure, creating precise location-based experiences that transformed the treasure hunt into more than just a game, turning it into an impressive adventure. Importantly, the treasure hunt allowed for customization facilitated by the PlayTours custom scavenger hunt app, participants could choose to complete it in one go or split it over different days, accommodating varying preferences and schedules. This adaptable structure provided participants the freedom to explore the Easter story at their own pace.

As a motivating factor, prizes were introduced, including stickers and books for everyone completing the treasure hunt. Special prizes were also reserved for the team that scored the most points and provided the best answers to the 'Enter into the Story' questions. This gamified approach via PlayTours app not only made the experience enjoyable but also encouraged active participation and interaction with the Easter story.



The community response has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants expressing enjoyment, enrichment, and a deeper understanding of the Easter story. The flexibility of the treasure hunt, allowing participants to engage at their own pace and in their preferred manner, contributed to its widespread appeal.

As a result, The Great Malvern Easter Treasure Hunt has not only achieved its mission of making the Easter story more accessible but has also strengthened community bonds and sparked further interest in exploring the narrative beyond the treasure hunt.

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