Best Festive Activities to Thrive Your Holiday Season


It's a time to create lasting memories with loved ones and embrace the festive spirit. Whether you're looking to plan a perfect holiday season for yourself, your family, or your friends, these exciting activities will make it truly unforgettable. 

1. Festive Scavenger Hunt

Add a dash of mystery and excitement to your holiday season by organizing a festive scavenger hunt such as a Christmas scavenger hunt. Design a mission where participants must solve a holiday riddle to reveal the next clue, turning the scavenger hunt into a festive brain teaser. Hide clues throughout your neighborhood or inside your house, leading participants on a thrilling adventure. With the holiday scavenger hunt app, PlayTours, transform this traditional activity into an immersive and tech-enhanced adventure. Utilize the app's features to add interactive challenges, festive trivia, and even capture memorable moments during the hunt. 

2. City Light Tour

Explore the holiday lights in your area by walking or driving. Use the PlayTours GPS-based scavenger hunt app for a self-guided tour with added challenges. This self-guided adventure transforms your exploration of festive city lights into an engaging and interactive journey. Make it a friendly competition by rating the displays for creativity.

3. Movie Mystery Night

Get ready for a fun "Movie Mystery Night" with your friends and family! Gather everyone, turn down the lights, and get cozy for a special movie night. Choose a classic holiday or favorite family movie to watch together, and enjoy the magic of shared laughter and joy. Make the night even more exciting by creating quizzes and trivia based on the movie for a friendly discussion. Use the best scavenger hunt app PlayTours to make quizzes and missions related to the movie, adding a cheerful and playful touch to your movie night. 

4. City Festive Decoration Hunt

Mapping out the most famous places for festive decoration in the city such as iconic landmarks, neighborhoods, markets, and bazaars. Utilize PlayTours to craft clues and missions seamlessly, allowing participants to capture and upload photos directly without the need for third-party apps. Create clever clues that guide participants to these festive locations, where they must capture the enchanting decorations and share their discoveries in the app. 

5. Family Game Night

Take your holiday gatherings to the next level with fun and engaging games. Choose from a variety of games suitable for different ages and interests, including charades, trivia challenges, Pictionary, and classic board games. To add a personal touch, consider customizing trivia questions about family traditions. Get everyone involved and let the friendly competition begin!

6. Family Pajama Party

Put on your coziest pajamas, gather everyone in the living room, and enjoy a festive family pajama party. Enjoy some hot chocolate, share funny stories or favorite holiday memories, and create a cozy atmosphere that encourages relaxation and togetherness. It's the perfect recipe for a memorable night with your loved ones. Add icebreaker games to spice up the evening and make it even more enjoyable. For example, you can play charades or have a holiday-themed trivia quiz using the best scavenger hunt app, PlayTours. 

7. Holiday Puzzle Challenge

Challenge the family with a  puzzle challenge. Choose festive puzzles and see who can complete them the fastest. Select engaging puzzles, from tricky jigsaws to brain-teasing word searches and scramble phrases. Elevate the experience with the digital scavenger hunt app, PlayTours, where you can seamlessly create interactive missions related to jigsaws and word games, share progress, and celebrate victories. Watch the friendly competition unfold as everyone races to be the first to complete these holiday brain teasers.

8. Delicious Cookie Recipes for Holiday Exchanges

'Tis the season to bake and share! Gather your loved ones for a holiday cookie exchange and show off your baking skills. From classic sugar cookies with festive sprinkles to gooey chocolate chip cookies loaded with holiday-themed candies, these recipes will have everyone begging for more.

9. Festive Family Olympics

Turn your home into a winter wonderland of joy with the Festive Family Olympics. From Snowman Building Contest, Stocking Stuffer Relay to Holiday Memory Match, and Jingle Bell Tunes, let the friendly competition begin.

10. New Year's Eve Time Capsule

Encourage everyone to contribute a note or item that symbolizes their hopes for the upcoming year. This thoughtful activity not only brings the family together but also captures the essence of each individual's aspirations. Seal the time capsule to be opened in the future, creating a heartwarming and nostalgic moment to reflect on the passage of time and shared dreams.

Special Activities: Spreading Holiday Cheer through Acts of Kindness

Spread holiday cheer with random acts of kindness, leaving notes of appreciation for essential workers or surprising neighbors with homemade treats.

Summing Up

As the holiday season comes to a close, take a moment to reflect on the wonderful memories created through these fun activities, enhanced by the interactive experience provided by the real-life scavenger hunt app, PlayTours. Remember to cherish these moments and carry the spirit of the holidays throughout the year. Wishing you a joyful and memorable festive season, and may the spirit of the holidays continue to bring warmth and happiness to your life.

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