5 Ways PlayTours App Can Enhance Student Engagement On Campus


As an organizer of college events, it can be challenging to make students stay engaged and motivated throughout the semester. Luckily, there's an app that can help with that - PlayTours, a scavenger hunt app. PlayTours is a powerful tool that can enhance student engagement on campus in many ways. In this blog post, we'll explore 5 ways that PlayTours can help students stay engaged and motivated on campus.

1.Campus Tour

New students or visitors can easily get lost on campus during their first few days. PlayTours interactive maps feature can help you show new students around campus and drive traffic to unique areas. With PlayTours, you can create a custom route for new students to follow and include a description of each stop along the way. Without needing to stick to a guided itinerary, students have the freedom and flexibility to explore various parts of the university by using Playtours’ self-guided tour. This makes the campus tour more engaging and interactive, allowing new students to explore and learn more about the campus.

2.Classroom Quizzes

Traditional quizzes can be boring and unengaging for students. However, with PlayTours, you can blend technology into your classroom and make learning more fun. Students can answer quizzes with text, integer,fill-in-the-blanks, or photo-based answers, and complete chapters. Live leaderboards allow students to see each other's progress and stay motivated to stay in the lead. Classroom quizzes through PlayTours is an innovative way to make learning more interactive and engaging for students.

3.Reward Students

Rewards are always a great motivator and a sense of accomplishment for students. With PlayTours, rewards and completion certificates can be automatically sent to your students' phones when they complete all of their missions via the app's scan feature. This feature can boost students' engagement and motivation to learn. The app's gamification layer makes learning a fun experience and incentivizes students to complete all of their missions and chapters.

4.School Event Gamification

PlayTours can transform a college event into a game that attendees will love. Imagine students competing to complete missions and earn points, all while having a blast. It's like a scavenger hunt meets a trivia game, and it's guaranteed to keep you engaged and entertained. Event gamification is an excellent way to get attendees interacting with each other and exploring the event in a unique way. PlayTours can help you create a memorable and engaging event that students won't forget.

5.Onboard New Students During Orientation Week

Orientation week can be overwhelming for new students. With PlayTours, you can get incoming freshmen and transfer students familiar with campus and local hotspots. PlayTours provides an experience that students will actually want to participate in, making them engage with other students by solving puzzles and doing photo missions together. PlayTours can help engage students from their freshman orientation through to graduation, creating a positive and memorable experience for students.

Summing Up

PlayTours is an innovative scavenger hunt app that can enhance student engagement on campus in various ways with its interactive and gamified features. Whether you're a teacher, event planner, or orientation leader, PlayTours can help you create a memorable and engaging experience for students that they have never experienced before. Add some excitement and sparkle more joy to your students’ campus life with PlayTours!

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