5 Creative Ways To Use PlayTours app For Gamifying Your Next Event


Are you tired of hosting the same old events that lack excitement and engagement? Have you been looking for ways to make your events more memorable and engaging for your guests? Event gamification could be the perfect solution for all event organizers and planners.

Why should event organizers gamify their events?

Gamification provides a number of benefits for event organizers, from increasing engagement and generating leads to providing valuable data and simply making events more enjoyable.

It is a proven way to increase attendee engagement and participation. By creating interactive experiences that are fun and enjoyable, attendees are more likely to stay engaged and actively participate in the event.

Additionally, gamification provides an opportunity to promote brand awareness and generate leads for sponsors and vendors. By incentivizing attendees to visit booths and participate in challenges, sponsors and vendors can increase their visibility and generate leads from engaged attendees.

Finally, gamification can simply make events more fun and memorable. By creating unique and engaging experiences that are tailored to attendees, event organizers can create an experience that attendees will remember long after the event is over.

How To Use PlayTours App For Gamifying Your Event

It could be challenging for you to gamify from the scratch, preparing all by yourself. But you do not have to worry about it because the PlayTours app is here to take your events to the next level with gamification! By leveraging tools like PlayTours app, event organizers can gamify their events in a fun, easy and effective way. So, Here are 5 creative ways;

1. Booth Participation

One of the most effective ways to encourage attendees to engage with vendors and sponsors is by using the PlayTours app to create challenges and missions that incentivize them to visit each booth. Once participants collect enough points, they can receive completion certificates and awards that can be validated at the prize collection booth. This not only increases engagement, but also provides a fun way for attendees to interact with sponsors and vendors.

2. QR Code Missions

PlayTours app enables vendors and sponsors to use QR codes at their booths for attendees to scan in exchange for points. This creates an interactive and enjoyable experience for attendees, and encourages them to visit each booth. By making this experience fun and engaging, sponsors and vendors can increase their brand awareness and generate leads.

3.Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn't love a good scavenger hunt? With PlayTours, you can create a scavenger hunt-style game that leads your guests on an adventure through your event space. No more boring events where visitors are simply wandering around.  With PlayTours app, you can create location-based tasks that encourage attendees to explore different areas of your event to find the hidden items. By placing challenges and hints across the venue, attendees are incentivized to move around and engage with the event in a more dynamic and exciting way. This not only makes the event more enjoyable but also increases the likelihood of attendees discovering new things and engaging with sponsors and vendors.

Moreover, With PlayTours, you can create a photo scavenger hunt that challenges your guests to capture specific moments throughout your event. For example, you can ask your guests to take a photo of a specific item or find someone wearing a particular color. The first guest to capture all the required photos wins a prize.

4. Trivia Quizzes

Another way to promote engagement and increase learning is to create Trivia Quizzes. Make attendees attend each breakout and solve the riddle. This provides an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the event and the products or services being offered by vendors and sponsors. By making the experience interactive and fun, attendees are more likely to stay engaged and learn more about the event.

5. Real-time Event Feedback

PlayTours allows you to collect valuable feedback and important statistics from event attendees in real-time. This data can be used to identify areas of improvement for future events, and adjust course as necessary to ensure that each event is a success. By providing attendees with an easy and enjoyable way to provide feedback, you can ensure that you're meeting their needs and providing a memorable experience.

Summing Up

PlayTours app is a powerful tool for event gamification. By using its customizable features, you can create unique and engaging experiences that keep attendees excited and engaged throughout the event. Whether it's through booth participation, QR code missions, scavenger hunt, trivia quizzes, or real-time event feedback, PlayTours app provides a fun and effective way to take your event to the next level.

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