23 Video Scavenger Hunt Ideas for All Kinds of Team-Building Activity


Are you looking to inject some fun and excitement into your team-building activities? In this blog, we've compiled a list of 23 video scavenger hunt ideas that are perfect for all kinds of team-building activities. Whether in-person or remote, these engaging activities can strengthen bonds, foster collaboration, and create unforgettable memories within your team. You will have a wide array of options to choose from for your next team-building activity.

Human Pyramid: 

Challenge teams to capture a video of themselves forming a human pyramid with as many participants as possible. The taller, the better! You can give the award to the team who can build the tallest human pyramid. It’s a fun and hilarious challenge that everyone will enjoy. 

Famous Movie Scene:

Task teams with recreating an iconic movie scene using their own unique twist. From dramatic dialogues to action-packed sequences, the possibilities are endless. Let creativity shine as they choreograph their acting skill and add fun props.

Office Olympics:

Transform your workplace into an Olympic arena! Assign teams various office-related challenges and tasks to capture on video, such as paper basketball, chair races, or even creating an obstacle course using office supplies.

Scenic Tour:

Send teams on a quest to capture the most scenic and breathtaking views in their surroundings. This could be natural landscapes, iconic landmarks, or hidden gems in your city. The team with the most awe-inspiring footage wins!


Get those dancing shoes ready! Challenge teams to create unique dance routines and film their performances. They can do famous Tik Tok dance moves, specific dance styles, themes, or even create their own signature moves.

Foodie Adventures:

Combine the love for food and video challenges by sending teams on a culinary scavenger hunt. Each team must capture videos of themselves trying unique dishes, cooking a recipe, or even interviewing local food vendors.

Time-Lapse Video: 

Encourage teams to film a time-lapse video of a natural phenomenon or an everyday activity. It's a great way to showcase the passing of time in a creative manner.

Historical Expedition:

Take your team on a journey through history by assigning them to capture videos at historical sites or landmarks. Each team can research and share interesting facts and stories related to the locations they visit.

Puzzle Adventure:

Create a video scavenger hunt that involves solving puzzles and riddles. Teams must capture videos of themselves deciphering clues, cracking codes, and unlocking hidden messages to progress through the game.

Random Acts of Kindness:

Spread positivity and make a difference in the community by challenging teams to perform random acts of kindness. Each team must capture heartwarming videos of their acts, whether it's helping someone in need or surprising strangers with acts of generosity.

Find the Perfect Reflection: 

Send teams on a quest to discover intriguing reflections in unexpected places. From glass buildings to puddles, they'll need a keen eye to capture mesmerizing shots. I bet this is a new and unique experience.

Nature Adventure:

Encourage teams to explore the great outdoors by capturing videos of themselves in nature. They can go hiking, kayaking, or even organize a team camping trip. The team that captures the most captivating nature footage wins!

Educational Pursuit:

Combine learning with fun by assigning teams educational video challenges. Each team must research and present interesting facts, trivia, or demonstrations on a specific topic, fostering knowledge-sharing within the group.

Comedy Sketches:

Unleash the team's comedic talents by challenging them to create hilarious video sketches. Teams can come up with funny scenarios, skits, or spoofs that will have everyone laughing.

Fitness Challenge:

Get teams moving and promote a healthy lifestyle by assigning fitness-related challenges. Teams can capture videos of themselves performing workouts, yoga poses, or even zumba dance.

Time Capsule Message:

Invite teams to film a message to their future selves, sharing their aspirations and goals. It's a reflective and inspiring challenge that encourages personal growth. Then, you can store all of the videos and reveal when it is the right time.

Music Video Production:

Teams can channel their inner music video producers and create their own music videos. They can choose a popular song or even compose an original track. The creativity in set designs, choreography, and editing will shine through.

Extreme Adventures:

For the adrenaline seekers, challenge teams to capture videos of themselves engaging in thrilling activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, or zip-lining. Safety precautions should be taken, and teams should follow all necessary guidelines.

Create a Stop-Motion Animation: 

Challenge teams to bring inanimate objects to life by creating a stop-motion animation video. It's a fun and creative way to tell stories using everyday items, like pen, paper, cupboard,etc. 

Virtual Scavenger Hunt:

Adapt the concept of video scavenger hunts for remote teams. Assign video challenges that can be completed from home, such as creating virtual tours, sharing personal stories, or even showcasing hidden talents via video calls. By using a virtual scavenger hunt app like PlayTours, you can set up events for thousands of employees anywhere.

Escape Room Challenge:

Transform your team-building activity into a virtual escape room experience. Teams must capture videos of themselves solving puzzles, unlocking clues, and ultimately escaping the virtual room.

Science Experiments:

Encourage scientific curiosity by assigning teams to conduct and film fun science experiments. They can capture videos of themselves demonstrating chemical reactions, physics principles, or even simple DIY projects.

Interview a Stranger: 

Challenge teams to step out of their comfort zones and interview a stranger, capturing their unique stories and perspectives. It's a great way to promote connection and empathy.

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