24 Fun and Creative University Event Ideas to Wow Your Students in 2024 (Part 2)


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Cooking Class

To prepare for a cooking class, you'll need to ensure you have a kitchen space with the necessary equipment, ingredients for the recipes being taught, and a local chef to lead the class. This event is a great way for students to learn new cooking skills and techniques. You can even set up the team and boost teamwork by cooking together.

Paint Night

A fun and creative way for students to express themselves and bond over art. Host a paint night where students can create their own works of art. Provide painting supplies, an instructor, and snacks and drinks for students to enjoy while painting.

Battle of the Bands

You can’t leave out music bands in creating memorable university moments for students. Host a music competition for student bands to showcase their talents. You'll need a stage, sound equipment, and a panel of judges to select the winner.

Book Club

Let students explore new books and share their thoughts and opinions with peers. For a book club, you'll need to select books for the group to read and arrange a time and place for discussions. It’s educational, yet fun!

TEDx Event

Host a TEDx event where students can give inspiring talks on their ideas and passions instead of inviting other guest speakers. It allows students to share their fresh and unique ideas with other peers and let professionals notice outstanding students. Provide a stage and sound equipment, and promote the event to attract a large audience.

Ice Cream Social

Making ice-creams together couldn’t be better, especially for summer events. Set up an ice cream bar, equipment, machines and toppings for students to create their own sundaes.

Students’ Field Trip

How about a team field trip especially for first year students where they can get to know each other and make friends? Who knows? Traveling partners can become lifetime friends. Organize an outdoor adventure like hiking, camping, or rafting for students to enjoy. Plan and arrange transportation, equipment rentals, and any necessary permits for the activity being offered. With PlayTours self-guided tour, you can make a tour plan and activities on the interactive map, and you do not need to be there physically to guide each group scattered around the town.

Trivia Night

Host a trivia night with questions on a variety of topics for a fun and challenging event. Prepare trivia questions and prizes for the winners. This event is a fun and competitive way for students to test their knowledge.

Career Fair

A great career can start at a university for students even before they finish school. Career fair is a must for them to explore different career paths and network with potential employers and for future career opportunities. Invite employers and provide booths and tables for them to showcase their companies and job opportunities.

Dance Party

University life could not be completed without a lively dance party. Host a dance party with a DJ or live music for a dancing night. This is not only fun but also a chance to socialize with students from all over the campus.

International Students’ Ball

Hosting an international students' ball at a university can be a fantastic way to celebrate diversity, promote cultural exchange, and build a sense of community among international students. To plan a successful international students ball, it is essential to form a planning committee consisting of students, staff, and faculty members. Then, they will be responsible for deciding on budget, entertainment, theme, food and drinks.

Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Party is a captivating and creative university event, offering students a break from the academic routine while fostering collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. By combining theatrical elements with interactive storytelling, this event provides a unique and memorable experience that will leave students talking long after the mystery is solved.

These 24 event ideas are just the beginning. With a little creativity and planning, there are endless opportunities to engage and entertain your university students. Get started today and create an unforgettable experience for your students in 2024!

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