15 Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Employee Wellness


The best virtual team building activities are a source of entertainment and a way to foster connections and interaction between your team. Virtual team building activities have become essential for fostering employee wellness and embracing team unity in remote work environments. These activities not only promote engagement and collaboration but also prioritize employee well-being. Here are 15 virtual team building activities for remote employee wellness:

1. Healthy Recipe Sharing

Encourage employees to share their favorite healthy recipes and create a virtual cookbook for everyone to enjoy. Creating a virtual cookbook with healthy employee recipes is a fantastic way to promote wellness, encourage engagement, and foster a sense of community within your team. By sharing and exploring nutritious recipes, you empower your employees to make healthier choices and inspire each other to lead a balanced lifestyle.

2.Virtual Happy Hour

Host a casual virtual happy hour using a digital platform where team members can relax, socialize, and enjoy their favorite beverages from home. Embracing casual conversations, sharing favorite beverages, and including engaging activities, you can cultivate a sense of togetherness and foster a supportive work culture.

3. Virtual Team Lunches

Virtual team lunches offer a valuable opportunity for remote employees to come together, share meals, and engage in casual conversations. By using a virtual platform, you can build relationships with your remote employees like a regular lunch time in the office.

4.Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are an exciting and engaging activity for remote teams, promoting collaboration and fun. You can use a scavenger hunt app like PlayTours where participants work together to find specific items or solve riddles, earning points and competing for the top spot on the leaderboard. With the added element of recognition and rewards,it becomes an excellent team-building activity for remote employees. PlayTours is a versatile scavenger hunt app that enhances the experience and serves as an ideal platform to accomplish these objectives.

 5. Collaborative Playlist Creation

Create a collaborative playlist where employees can add their favorite songs to uplift the team's mood and encourage a sense of shared enjoyment. You can create a playlist by using your most preferred digital music platform such as Spotify or Shazam. The playlist becomes a go-to source of inspiration, helping team members stay focused, motivated, and connected, even in remote settings.

6. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms have become a popular and exciting activity for remote teams.In a virtual escape room, teams work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and complete challenges within a specific time limit. It's a fun way to foster teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.PlayTours offers virtual space which is a 3D space where players can move around ,discover items, and solve quests. PlayTours makes it easy to create and enjoy virtual escape rooms, adding a thrilling and interactive element to team-building activities.

7. Healthy Habits Challenge

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and well-being among team members is not only beneficial for individuals but also crucial for fostering a strong and cohesive team. Start by defining specific health-related goals that team members can work towards during the challenge. The Healthy Habits Challenge provides an opportunity for team members to support and motivate one another.

8. Photo Contest

Unleash the power of visuals in promoting employee wellness with a virtual photo contest. Encourage team members to capture and share photos that reflect their well-being journeys. Using PlayTours' image share feature, participants can easily upload photo within the platform. With PlayTours scavenger hunt app, you can easily organize and manage a virtual photo contest, promoting employee well-being, and fostering a sense of connection and creativity within your team

9. Personal Development Webinars

Personal development webinars offer a valuable opportunity to enhance well-being, boost productivity, and foster a positive remote work experience.Invite guest speakers or experts to conduct webinars on personal development topics, empowering employees to grow personally and professionally.

10. Virtual Art Session

In the fast-paced and often stressful world of remote work, finding ways to express creativity is essential for employee wellness. Virtual art sessions provide a unique opportunity for remote employees to engage in painting, drawing, or crafting activities, reducing stress, promoting creativity and a sense of well-being.

11.  Virtual Coffee Breaks

Schedule virtual coffee break sessions where team members can relax, chat, and connect on a more personal level.Embrace the opportunity to gather virtually, share stories, and foster connections over a cup of coffee.

 12. Virtual Mental Wellness Webinars

Host webinars on various wellness topics, such as stress management techniques, nutrition tips, or work-life balance strategies, delivered by wellness experts.Wellness webinars often include interactive sessions or workshops where remote employees can learn and practice specific skills related to well-being. 

13. Puzzle Race

An online puzzle race serves as an engaging team-building activity that brings remote employees together in a spirit of collaboration and friendly competition. By participating in the race, teams work together to solve puzzles, leveraging each team member's strengths and skills. You can use a digital tool such as  PlayTour scavenger hunt app to create image puzzles  and text quizzes by using flexible features.

14. Collaborative Storytelling

Effective communication is crucial in a remote work environment.Collaborative storytelling provides a fun and interactive platform for remote employees to practice their communication skills.This can be done easily via virtual platform such as google meet or zoom.


15 . Virtual Film Reviewing Session

An interactive and engaging activity that brings remote teams together to discuss and appreciate the magic of cinema.You can use a virtual platform and let your remote team to express their thoughts, opinions, and personal interpretations of the movies they watch.


These team-building ideas will help your team become more cohesive and remind them of the importance of collaboration, even when they’re separated by distance. Since remote work is now embedded in modern work culture, the way you manage your team and encourage communication and collaboration will directly affect their performance. Embrace these team-building strategies, create meaningful connections, and empower your remote team to thrive in the virtual work landscape. 

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